BCom Minor in Retailing and Services

For Non-Marketing Majors:
3 Courses: MARK 320, 466 & 468
1 (3 credits) of MARK 432, 450, 465 or 470

For Marketing Majors:
MARK 466
3 (9 credits) of 400-level Marketing courses not used to satisfy the major

Why You?

  • It makes sense to have a major in a business function and a minor in an economic sector
  • You can combine a non-marketing major with the retailing minor
  • You can combine a family and entrepreneurship major with a retailing minor
  • You gain access to our 35+ School of Retailing retail partners for employment and events
  • You have an opportunity to participate in the School of Retailing Summer Internship program for course credit, relationship building, and paid employment