BCom Major in Retailing and Services

The University of Alberta School of Retailing in partnership with the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta is pleased to offer the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree program, with a Major in Retailing and Services.

Some courses include:
  • Retailing and Channel Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Service Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Retailing and Services Internship
  • Selling and Sales Management
  • Electronic Marketing
  • New Venture Creation and Organization

Sequence of Courses

The BCom program is normally a four (4) year program, assuming full-time attendance. All applicants must complete one (1) year of pre-professional studies at a recognized post-secondary institution before their application will be considered. This can be the University of Alberta in the Faculties of Arts or Science, or at any other recognized post-secondary institution. The Alberta School of Business does not accept students directly out of high school.

The BCom program is a quota program and admission is competitive. Applicants to the Alberta School of Business possessing all the required pre-professional courses are ranked in accordance with their GPA from the most recent Fall/Winter Terms providing a minimum of 15 credits were completed within those terms (September - April) and admitted in order until the quota is full.

Students who already possess a non-business University degree may add to their qualifications by acquiring basic business skills through the Bachelor of Commerce's After-Degree program.

Year Two - Fall

BUS 201
MARK 301
*3 electives outside Business (see note 4)

Year Two - Winter

ORG A 201
FIN 301
*3 electives outside Business (see note 4)
*3 free electives (see note 3)

Year Three

B LAW 301
BUEC 311
MIS 311
MARK 422
MARK 468
*3 Retailing and Services Electives (see note 1)
*9 free electives (see note 3)

Year Four

MARK 432
MARK 466
*3 Retailing and Services Electives (see note 1)
*9 Senior Business Electives (see note 2)
*12 free electives (see note 3)


  1. Retailing and Services Electives: MARK 412, 423, 442, 465, 470, 495; BUEC 454; ECON 462
  2. Senior Business Electives: All 400-level courses offered by the Faculty of Business and 300-level courses where these are not part of the Primary core. Secondary core courses not required to fulfill major or program requirements are also acceptable as electives. Individual departments may deem other courses acceptable as substitutes for Senior Business courses. ECON 281 is permitted as substitute for BUEC 311 in many majors.
  3. Free Electives: Any course offered by the University of Alberta in any faculty including Business.
  4. Electives outside Business: Any course offered by the University of Alberta in any faculty except Business.

Notes for Minors:

  1. Students with declared major in Retailing and Services may choose to do a minor in any subject area of Business. Minors are not required. Retailing and Services students are permitted to count one of the secondary core courses required in the major as one of the four courses constituting their minor.
  2. Students with a declared major in another area may not complete a minor in Retailing and Services. Interested students should consult the Marketing major for information.