Retailing Program

The School of Retailing curriculum focuses on a balance between theoretical and practical learning in areas that provide students with the skills to succeed in their careers. Students complete the core of the business school program, retailing and services specific courses, learn from retail business leaders who will participate as guest lecturers throughout each term, and access a co-op program and internships.

Choosing the School of Retailing provides you with the academic fundamentals for a career in one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries. Be well-positioned for success in the retailing and services sector with a solid understanding of these fundamentals:

  • Sound understanding of consumer behaviour and decision-making
  • Knowledge of institutional characteristics and merchandising processes that differentiate managing retailing and consumer service organizations from managing other organizations
  • Management of the front-line selling process
  • Understanding of the process of delivering service quality

Hands-on learning gives students real-life experience. The major in retailing and services includes an optional summer internship within a sponsoring organization, while also conducting a project under academic supervision.

Career Potential

Graduates are well-positioned for successful careers in operational and managerial positions. Entry-level positions for graduates of the program are expected to include assistant buyers and store managers for larger store operations, and in the operations, public relations, and promotions areas. Graduates are also well placed to initiate franchise or entrepreneurial ventures in the retailing and services sector.