Non-Cohort Students

You are a Non-Cohort student if:

  • you are a BCom After Degree student
  • you are a BCom student and have completed 2 or more of the courses listed below (or their equivalents)
    • ACCTG 311, BUS 201, FIN 301, MARK 301, MGTSC 312 and SEM 310 (formerly SMO 310)
  • you are a Business Minor with access to ACCTG 311, FIN 301 and MARK 301 (year restrictions apply)
  • you are an incoming Business exchange student who needs ACCTG 311, FIN 301 or MARK 301
  • you were admitted on probation

As a Non-Cohort student, you will have registration access to all core courses: ACCTG 311, BUS 201(not open to After Degree students), FIN 301, MARK 301, MGTSC 312, and SEM 310.

All course sections have been assigned both cohort seats, as well as a limited number of non-cohort seats.

If you receive the following message when registering in courses it means that the section is full to non-cohort seats.

"You are unable to enroll in this class at this time. Available seats are reserved and you do not meet the reserve capacity requirements."