IMPORTANT - Fall 2024 BCom Changes

What is Changing?

Beginning in Fall 2024, the following changes are reflected as part of the BCom program

  • “Primary” and “secondary core” courses are now replaced with a single category of “core” courses.
  • Core courses have been renumbered in the 200-level course series. For example, ACCTG 311 is now ACCTG 211. The content of these courses has not changed, this is a change to better reflect program course progression since the faculty’s move to direct entry admissions (which occurred in Fall 2022)
  • In addition to BUS 101, which is already offered as part of the first year of the BCom program, ACCTG 211 and SEM 210 will now move to the first year of the program to allow for more business content in the first year of the BCom
  • The first two years of the BCom program have been standardized across all existing majors. 

Who is Impacted?

Students entering the BCom program in Fall 2024 onward will follow the updated program.

How Will This Affect My Degree?

Students admitted prior to Fall 2024 will follow the University Calendar in effect the year of their admission. These changes will not be applicable to these students.

Students admitted in Fall 2024 will have the following structure to the first two years of their degree:

Year 1

  • Foundational Requirements
    • BUS 101*
    • ECON 101
    • ECON 102
    • MATH 154 or equivalent
    • STAT 161 or equivalent
    • 3 units in 100-level ENGL or WRS
  • Core Course Requirements
    • ACCTG 211
    • SEM 210
  • Electives
    • 6 units in Outside Business Electives

Year 2

  • Core Course Requirements
    • ACCTG 222
    • B LAW 201
    • BTM 211
    • BUEC 211 (or ECON 281)
    • BUS 222
    • FIN 201
    • OM 252
    • MARK 201
    • MGTSC 212
  • Electives
    • 3 units in Outside Business Electives


*Not required for transfer or after-degree students; replaced with a free elective


For more information about the new BCom program requirements, please review the 2024-25 University Calendar.

Your Academic Requirements (AR) Report has been updated to reflect these new program requirements. If you notice an error on your AR Report, please email If there is a discrepancy between your AR Report and the University Calendar, the University Calendar is considered the formal source of degree 

What About the 3rd and 4th Years of the Program?

The third and fourth years of the BCom program will follow individual major requirements. These can be found in the University Calendar.

I Have Questions, Who Can I Ask?

If you have any questions about these changes and what courses you need to take to meet your degree requirements, you can contact an academic program advisor in the Business Undergraduate Office at You can also book an advising appointment with our advisors here.