Program Overview - Fast Track MBA

Students will complete a minimum of 12 courses in the FastTrack MBA program. This includes five core courses and seven electives.

Receiving a grade of B or lower in any of these introductory courses:  Business Statistics, Finance, Financial Accounting, Marketing, and Organizational Behaviour would increase your course requirement beyond 12 courses. 

The program begins with SEM 610: Manager as Strategist, a week-long daytime intensive course taught in mid-August. 

Core Courses

SEM 610: Manager as Strategist
This is a two-week intensive course designed to develop critical thinking skills for executives. The course provides an overview of the substantive areas of management including human resources, leadership, organizational behaviour, and strategy skills. Restricted to students in the FastTrack MBA for Business Graduates and the Master of Accounting. Credit will not be given for both SEM 610 and SEM 502.
SEM 652: Leadership Skills
The purpose of this course is to increase the student's understanding of leadership roles and skill in exercising those roles. These include team building, mentoring, managing conflict, delegating, managing participative decision making, creative problem solving, and time and stress management.
SEM 638: Sustainability
This course examines business strategies for sustainable development. Business sustainability is defined as managing the triple bottom line - designing mission driven enterprises that provide a thriving future for business, society and the planet. To achieve this, managers must adopt a fresh understanding of the role of the business enterprise. The course will draw from successful sustainability efforts of leading business organizations, both locally and internationally, by identifying key success factors that encourage sustainable business practices. It will also place current understandings of sustainability in a wider context by exploring the historical roots of current sustainability practices and examining their implications for key stakeholders of the business enterprise.
SEM 641: Business Strategy
This course examines top management decisions and emphasizes the development of business and corporate strategy. It integrates the management principles studied in the business core using a series of business cases. Guest Faculty members and executives will participate.
International Study Tour: BUEC 648 or SEM 648

BUEC 648/ SEM 648: Combines lectures at the University of Alberta with an on-site study tour to a foreign country. The study tour component is normally for a one-to-two week period, during which students participate in company tours and lectures, to develop an appreciation for family business and entrepreneurship in an international context. Students are usually expected to complete projects or case studies relating to the country under study. Check with the MBA office for enrolment restrictions. Credit will not be given for both SEM 648 and any other MBA study tour to the same destination.