Admission Requirements - Fast Track MBA

The UAlberta Fast Track MBA is designed to allow students with an existing foundation of business knowledge to take their leadership skills to the next level. While the main admission requirements across all of our MBA programs are the same, there are a few subtle differences for the UAlberta Fast Track MBA.

For the Fast Track MBA, an undergraduate business degree is required. Moreover, applicants would need to have at least 3 years of post-graduate work experience and a GPA of 3.2 or greater.

Admission Criteria

Successful applicants to the FastTrack MBA will meet the following criteria:

Undergraduate Degree in Business

Applicants should hold a Bachelors's degree in Business (BCom, BMgmt, BBA) with a minimum GPA of 3.2 or greater over their last 60 credits from a recognized Canadian or US university that was completed within the last ten years. 

In completing the online application, You will be required to scan and upload each page (front and back) of your most up-to-date official academic documents in PDF format. Once you have received your official letter of admission, official academic documents must be sent to the University.

Professional Experience

Applicants should have between 3-10 years of full-time post-graduate work experience. Your application should include a résumé with sufficient details of your professional work experience. Education, volunteer experience, accomplishments achieved at work, and any extracurricular activities should also be highlighted.

Demonstrated Strength in Business Fundamental Courses

As part of your entry into the FastTrack MBA, we would look closely at some key courses you completed in your Bachelor's degree. The five areas we would look at are Business Statistics, Finance, Financial Accounting, Marketing, and Organizational Behaviour. If you have a grade of B or lower in any of these introductory courses (or higher-level courses in these areas), you would be required to complete an additional course(s) in this area during your MBA (this would increase your course requirement beyond 12 courses).

For Alberta BCom graduates, the courses we would look at are:

  • Accounting 311: Introduction to Accounting for Financial Performance
  • Finance 301: Introduction to Finance
  • Marketing 301: Introduction to Marketing
  • Management Science 312: Probability and Statistics for Business
  • Strategic Management and Organization 201/310: Introduction to Management
Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
For our FastTrack MBA for Business Graduates, students who hold a Business degree (BCom, BBA, Mgmt., etc.) from a recognized North American University with a minimum GPA of 3.2 would not be required to submit a GMAT or GRE score as part of their application.  
Letters of Reference

Candidates are required to submit two letters of reference. These assist the School in evaluating the candidate's managerial, administrative, and academic skills. Letters of reference will ideally be professional, with at least one from a current or past supervisor. In the online application system, you will need to supply the names and email addresses for your referees. They will be emailed instructions on how to submit their reference into the online application system. Referees can complete their reference directly in our online application system or complete our reference letter form and upload it into the online application system.

UAlberta Reference Letter Form

Statement of Intent

The statement of intent introduces you to the Admissions Committee as an individual, and not only showcases your personality but how you are unique as compared to other applicants with a similar profile. It is recommended that the statement of intent be approximately 1 to 2 pages in length, and should outline details around but not limited to the following:

Why you want to enter the program?

What your career goals are?

How the strengths of the program match your career goals and will support you in achieving your goals?

What you will contribute towards the program?

Application Process

Applicants are required to apply online through the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. The application fee of $135 can be paid online. All supporting documents must be uploaded into the online application system. 

After an application is complete (including reference letters), the Admissions team will review the documents submitted and contact applicants to begin our interview process. Not all applicants will be invited to complete the interview process. After interviews are complete, a final review will be conducted and an admission decision reached.

Application Deadlines

Students can join our FastTrack MBA program in January (part-time only) or September (full-time and part-time).  Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, so the earlier you apply the earlier you will receive an admission decision.  Our current application windows are: 

Winter (January) Start

Applications Open: July 1st
Applications Close: November 1st

Fall (September) Start

Applications Open: October 1st
Applications Close: May 1st

First Interview

A select number of candidates will be invited to complete the first step in the Alberta MBA interview process, which is a video interview through the Kira Talent platform. Applicants will have 7 days to complete the video interview and can expect 3 verbal response questions and one written question. The first interview is an important step in the admissions process as it allows the Admissions team to assess candidates on their critical thinking and overall verbal and written communication skills. In addition, the video interview gives candidates an opportunity to showcase their personality and demonstrate how they are a good fit for the UAlberta MBA program.

Visit our blog for more information on the Kira Video Interview.

Second Interview

After completing the first interview, successful candidates will be invited to complete a second interview with a member of the Admissions Committee. The second interview will take place in-person if you are in the Edmonton area, or over Skype. The second interview gives the Admissions Committee the opportunity to ask any specific questions related to your application along with more general, behavioural-based questions. At this point in the admissions process, candidates will demonstrate they are a good fit for the UAlberta MBA program beyond meeting the basic admissions requirements.

Visit our blog for more information on the Second Interview.

Admission Decision & Offer Letter

The Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (FGSR) plays a key role in providing final admissions approval for all graduate students across the University of Alberta. There are a number of key points to be aware of with respect to the admission process and the unique roles the Business Master's Programs Office and FGSR play within it:

  • Shortly after you have completed the final admissions interview stage, you will receive communication from the Master's Programs Office Admissions Committee regarding the decision for admission.
  • If favourable, the Master's Programs Office will send a request to FGSR to formally admit you to the program.
  • If any documents are missing or outstanding from your application, a member of our office will contact you.
  • Once approved by FGSR, an admission letter will be uploaded on the online application portal.
  • You will subsequently receive an admission letter via email from the Master's Programs Office that will outline more specifics and details regarding the program.

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