Frequently Asked Questions

Budget and Fees

How much are the fees?

Fee information and living expenses can be found under Financial Investment.

How much do textbooks cost?

Textbooks cost on average $100 per course. Used textbooks are available from the MBA Association and through the Student's Union Used Book Registry on campus.

Where can I live in Edmonton and how much will it cost?

On-campus housing information is available through Residence Services. Websites like Kijiji and Rentfaster can be used to find off-campus living arrangements.

Financial Assistance

Are scholarships and financial assistance offered?

Entrance awards and bursaries are available to students at the beginning of their program and are assessed once admission is offered. There are also scholarships that are awarded during the first and second years in the program that students may apply for. More information is available under Awards and Financial Aid.

Do international students qualify for any scholarships?

International and part-time students are eligible for select scholarships given out during the MBA program.

Do we have teaching or research assistant positions?

Instructors are responsible for hiring their own research assistants, positions which MBA students are eligible for. MBA students are also eligible for teaching assistant positions for first-year MBA core courses. These positions are only open to second-year students and are filled at the beginning of the school year.


How much work is involved in the full-time program?

Full-time students can expect to spend between 50-80 hours/week in class or doing homework. This is a very intense and rigorous program.

How much work is involved in the part-time program?

Typically our part-time students take two three-hour evening classes per week. We advise our students to count on spending at least two hours of study for each hour in the classroom for a total of 18 to 21 hours per week.