Part Time Applicants

How will you assess my grades from a degree I earned many years ago?
If you earned your first degree quite some time ago, you may feel your results then have little to do with who you are today. We take this into consideration in evaluating your admission. Generally speaking, the longer you have been working, the less influence your undergraduate degree and your undergraduate GPA has on our deliberations. Your experience on the job is a significant factor in our assessment of your application.
How does work experience influence admission?
We are looking for evidence of solid work experience in your career to date. Some of our students come to us with a great breadth of experience spanning several fields. Some are practitioners who have taken on management positions in their field. Others have branched out on their own as entrepreneurs and small business owners. We consider carefully the skills, knowledge, positions and responsibility you have attained in your career. Our goal is to create interesting and dynamic learning experiences for our MBA students. We look for students who demonstrate a love of learning, a desire to succeed, a willingness to work hard, and an aptitude for working together.
How much time can I expect to spend on course work?
Typically our part-time students take two three-hour evening classes per week. We advise our students to count on spending at least two hours of study for each hour in the classroom for a total of 18 to 21 hours per week.

Many students find the first two years very busy, involving most weekday evenings and at least one full day on the weekend. In addition, most part-time students take intensive evening courses in spring or summer sessions (May/June and July/August) each year.
What can I expect in the classroom?
Your professors are world-class researchers, who are helping to shape the latest thinking and practices in such fields as accounting, strategy, finance, human resource management and marketing. Their research takes them into organizations around the world including some of the world's largest corporations and the growing leading-edge firms that will influence the marketplace tomorrow.

Our faculty have won national awards for teaching. In the classroom, they use a variety of teaching approaches to present material that is often so new it hasn't yet been published in the textbooks. They will challenge you to think creatively and strategically, to make decisions and to communicate your ideas. Through group discussion and project work, you will develop and hone your own leadership style.
How will this impact my work?
The time you will put into your studies will pay off for you at work. Most of our part-time students are able to bring together their work and study by concentrating on issues and developments in their current field of employment for assignments.

In addition, as you work towards understanding all functional areas of management, you begin to bring a much broader perspective to your workplace challenges. Your employer will benefit as you learn to apply a new tool kit of skills, enhanced problem-solving abilities and big picture thinking to your responsibilities. And, no matter what your position or field of practice, there's a definitive advantage to having access to world-class research and the latest ideas.
Will I be able to switch to full-time study if my work situation changes?
After you have completed the carefully structured itinerary of introductory core courses (equivalent to the first year of full-time study), you will begin to have more scheduling options. Generally speaking, our aim is to accommodate part-time students who wish to accelerate their progress-even to the point of full-time study-after they have completed their core introductory courses.
Will I be able to focus my study to meet career goals?
You can shape your program of study through your choice of electives. Some of our students choose to concentrate their work in a key area of business study, such as marketing, management, or finance. Others put together electives to create a unique blend of skills and understanding to suit their personal interests and career goals.
What services does the University offer part-time students?
Virtually all services offered to full-time students are available to part-time students. As a student, you will receive a ONE-card that gives you full library privileges and entrance to all fitness facilities. You will also receive a U-Pass. Students are also allowed to opt in to the Graduate Students Association health and dental plan. Student service fees are based on course load. Part-time students will pay a part-time service fee.