Financial Investment - Fast Track MBA

The UAlberta Fast Track MBA offers world-class instruction, small class sizes, and professional development. 

Tuition and Fees

Students are assessed both instructional and non-instructional fees each term. Instructional fees are course-based, while non-instructional fees are term-based. For Canadian citizens and permanent residents, the 2023/24 instructional fee is $2,546.88* per 3-credit course. Full-Time students are assessed non-instructional fees of ~$2,300 per year, while Part-Time students are assessed ~$1,500 per year.

*Fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change. International student tuition per course would be higher.  

Awards and Scholarships

The Alberta MBA program makes every effort to ensure that academically strong students and those in need receive financial support.  Every year, a majority of full-time students admitted to the MBA program receive some form of financial support.

Entrance Awards
All students admitted to the Alberta MBA are automatically considered for entrance awards. These awards are based upon the MBA admission criteria. We do not require separate applications to consider you for an entrance award. Entrance awards range in value up to $15,000.

Unlike entrance awards, scholarships are usually awarded to students during the MBA program. The exact criteria for each scholarship are different, but scholarships are typically designed to recognize excellence both academically and outside of the classroom. For any scholarships that require an application, we will solicit applications directly from students.

UAlberta MBA Scholarships
MBA Scholarship Committee

Financial support in the form of MBA Differential Bursaries are available to students. These bursaries are awarded based on residential status and demonstrated financial need. Bursaries are typically awarded to students entering the MBA program, with MBA-specific supplementary bursaries awarded during the program. In addition to bursaries provided through the School of Business, MBA students are eligible to apply for University-wide Supplementary Bursaries that are funded through private donors and the University of Alberta.
Additional Funding Options

More information on awards, scholarships, and additional funding can be found below. 

Awards, Scholarships & Financial Aid