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Non-instructional Fees

See also: Accessing Your Fee Assessment

Non-instructional fees – such as transcript and Graduate Students' Association fees – are assessed based on full-time or part-time registration in Fall and Winter terms.

Non-instructional fees are different for Spring and Summer terms and off-campus students.

For Fall/Winter fee purposes, a full-time student is registered in credit courses/thesis totalling at least nine (*9) units of course weight or more in a term.

Fall 2016/Winter 2017

(in Canadian dollars)


 Full-time/term Part-time/term Full-time/term Part-time/term
Student Academic Support Fee* 252.18 126.09


Athletics and Recreation**** 82.00 41.00  -
PAW Fee**** 
26.58 26.58  -
Student Health and Wellness Fee* 61.32 30.66  34.26 17.13 
Graduate Students' Association (GSA) 80.33  60.25  80.33  60.25 
GSA Dedicated Fees 1.50  1.50  1.50  1.50 
GSA Dental Plan** 212.25  212.25 
GSA Health Plan** 280.70  280.70 
Graduate Student Assistance Program 4.00 Fall/8.00 Winter  4.00 Fall/8.00 Winter 4.00 Fall/8.00 Winter 4.00 Fall/8.00 Winter
U-Pass - Fall/Winter*** 141.67 141.67 - -

U-Pass - Spring/Summer***

(Thesis-based only)





- -

*The former Registration & Transcript, Student Services, Health Services and Common Student Space, Sustainability & Services (CoSSS) Fees have been compiled and renamed Student Academic Support Fee and Student Health and Wellness Fee. The total sum of the current two fees is unchanged from the total sum of the former four fees.

**Full-time on-campus and off-campus students are automatically enrolled in the GSA Health and Dental Plan in the Fall Term (providing 12-month coverage) and at a pro-rated cost to students beginning in the Winter Term. Students covered by equivalent health/dental plans may opt out before the change of coverage deadline in September. Newly Admitted and new registrants that are full time Winter Term only students, may opt out before the change of coverage deadline in January. Contact the GSA or Studentcare for more information.

In the case of an opt-out, please wait for the confirmation e-mail from Studentcare and allow between 7 and 10 business days for the change of coverage to be reflected in Beartracks. If this period of time extends over the payment deadline AND you have already received the opt-out confirmation e-mail, feel free to pay your fees excluding those for health/dental. If your opt-out situation is still unclear and the fee payment deadline is approaching, we recommend that you pay in full. Once Studentcare notifies us that you have been opted-out, the extra payment can either be moved to cover an open balance in the following term or, if no such balance exists, the sum will be refunded.

Part-time graduate students are not automatically enrolled in the GSA Health and Dental Plan; they may opt-in during specific opt-in periods before the change of coverage deadline.

***Assessed to all on-campus students registered in Fall and Winter terms. See U-Pass. The U-Pass fee is assessed once (in Spring) for both the Spring and Summer terms.

****The Athletics and Recreation fee grants students access to sports facilities on campus for the duration of the term(s) when students are assessed and pay these fees, in this case Fall/Winter. They do not grant a year-long access. For access in the Spring and Summer terms, students need to be registered in on-campus courses or Opt-In. For more details see On Campus Non-instructional fees for Spring/Summer.

As per a referendum voted on by students, the PAW Centre fee is a limited term fee that repays the loan secured for the construction of the PAW Centre.

A description of the privileges conferred by paying non-instructional fees is found in § of the University Calendar.