Summer Work Internships


Am I required to do a summer internship to complete my degree?
We encourage all full-time students, regardless of specialization or combined degree program, to pursue a summer internship.  However, students are not required to complete an internship as part of the MBA degree.

How do students find internship positions?
The MBA Career Management Centre generates numerous summer internship opportunities, most of which are posted on CareerConnect.  Students are encouraged to apply for the positions as they become available. Beyond that, the Career Management Centre will work with students to help them source other summer opportunities.

Are students responsible for finding their own internship?
The MBA Career Management Centre locates internship positions, but due to the demand for internships, students are encouraged to pursue their own positions whenever possible. 

How much assistance will I receive in finding an internship?
The MBA Career Services team provides assistance in career counselling, resume writing, cover letters, and mock interviews. Students are also invited to attend on-campus recruiting, career fairs, and information sessions.

Are all summer internship assignments in Edmonton?
Most summer internships are located in Edmonton and other cities across Canada.  However, international internships are also possible.

How much do students get paid while working on a summer internship?
Summer internship students typically earn between $3,000-$5,000/month, with the exact amount varying by employer.

Do part-time students complete an internship?
Typically, part-time students do not complete an internship.