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Research Travel Cancellations - Mar 16

Open Minds 2020: Dr. Runjuan Liu presents her research "A Sorted Tale of Globalization: White Collar Jobs and the Rise of Service Offering"

How to shut down the rumour mill - or turn it to your advantage

Using AI to combat gender and ethnic bias in the job market

International project aims to identify and reduce bias in job recruitment and human resource management using responsible artificial intelligence

Letting your child pick their snack may help you eat better, study suggests

New research could offer "effective, simple recipe" for parents looking to make healthier food choices for their families.

How not to shake someone's hand

We can know when a handshake feels wrong, but it can be hard to put a finger on exactly why. If it lingers too long, is too firm or pulls us too...

Opening Pandora's box

While artificial intelligence can be a force for societal and economic good, there may be unintended consequences when it comes to our increasing...

Why having robot co-workers might make you less prejudiced

When robot co-workers are the out-group, human workers become less prejudiced against other humans, researchers find.

Word of mouth still key factor in generating sales in online world

Consumers base buying decisions on "informed herd effect" influenced by what others like them say about the product, marketing researchers find.

Research conference highlights PhD students' projects

This annual student-led conference offers business doctoral students an opportunity to share research ideas and fosters effective presentation and...

University of Alberta professor Joel Gehman creates website with data on oil and gas wells in North America

A University of Alberta professor has created a website that provides data, history and news about two million oil and gas wells across North America.

Who buys the wine? Research reveals how consumers make choices for groups

People who see themselves as independent tend to go with their own preference when choosing for a large group-even if it costs more.