Physical and Mental Wellness

Your Wellness Matters

Wellness is an ongoing process and involves recognizing your own abilities, the capacity to enjoy life, and the ability to cope with life's stresses while reaching your goals. You can achieve wellness holistically by making choices that benefit your mental, physical, social, and academic status.

Physical Wellbeing

Staying active and connected is important. Learn more about accessing housing and funds for athletics or fitness.

We want to inspire and challenge the FNMI population on campus to start living their best life through physical activity challenges and meet-ups, healthy snack and meal recipes, and inspiration for well-being.
We work with Residence Services to offer secured residential options for FNMI students, including options for single students, families, and student couples.
Community Meals
Once a month we gather our community to share a meal together while sharing stories and meeting new friends from a variety of backgrounds and faculties. Meals include Stew and Bannock, Tacos in a bag, Balogna Madness, and more.

Mental Wellbeing

Learning about yourself and taking care of your mental health is important. Meet with our wellness worker or access other mental health services. As well, connect with services to help you excel in your academics while at the U of A. FPH offers Elder support and academic resources to support you throughout your academic journey.

Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers
The First Peoples' House would like to acknowledge our beautiful Elders and incredible traditional knowledge keepers that we are so honoured to have in our circle that support not only the staff but more importantly to our students.
Academic supports and services are available to students directly in the First Peoples' House space, including librarians, writing mentors, tutors, photocopying, and more.