Partner with Us

We always looking for partnerships with organizations and individuals in multiple sectors that contribute to health and wellbeing through improving our housing, planning, transportation, recreation, food systems, and research. The purpose of our partnerships is to build the multi-sectoral relationships that are necessary to improve our built environments for health and wellbeing, and other co-benefits including equity, accessibility, environmental sustainability and economic revitalization. Our partners share their respective expertise to co-develop and implement cross-sector initiatives for creating healthier communities. Our partners provide input into the Housing for Health Project and collaborate on the development of built environment-related resources that are in turn beneficial to their work. 

Learn More About our Research

Our Housing for Health research team is made up of thoughtful investigators who are driven by a passion for finding ways to improve the health and wellbeing of populations, and assist our partners in improving health and wellbeing synergistically in their work also. We generate and use evidence to inform relevant changes to the built environment where people live, study, work, and play. We also work with partners to evaluate the improvements and innovations they are making to our built environments that could impact health and wellbeing outcomes.


Our research spans different aspects of the built environment as it relates to health and we are always exploring new and innovative opportunities for collaboration. Is there a new project you are working on that we could help you with evaluating? Feel free to contact us if you have ideas for collaboration.


Joining our research can also mean that we will contact you when we are conducting research relevant to you or your organization. This could include sharing your experiences with us through surveys, interviews and focus group discussions, or other kinds of research from time to time.


Your donation to the Housing for Health project will have a big impact. Individuals and organizations may choose to make cash or in-kind donations on a one-time, regular, or planned basis. Please contact the Housing for Health team to find out how to donate and to discuss the details of your donation, including tax receipts.

For more information or to get involved, please email