With the formal announcement of June 24, 2010, C5MPT provides a unique multi-discipline environment and world-class labs and equipment to a renowned team of researchers and students. This would not have been possible without the guidance and support of our partners.

The challenge of reducing GHG emissions is the catalyst for C5MPT. Our vision is to develop and put in place the advanced clean coal/carbon and mineral processing technologies that will allow continued development of our natural resources, while at the same time mitigating key environmental issues, namely GHG emissions and water use. The production cycle of coal and unconventional hydrocarbon sources offers several points of intervention to deal with GHG emissions and water use. Improved mineral processing techniques can reduce energy requirements - and therefore GHG emissions - as well as reduce the need for fresh water. Clean coal technology can allow CO2 to be economically recovered from flue gases. The capture and geological storage of CO2 has been identified as the critical enabling technology that would reduce GHG emissions significantly while also allowing coal and oil sands developments to meet the world's pressing energy needs. Our partners share and advance this vision of responsible energy, with their backing of the C5MPT being one facet of their support.

Provincial support for this vision has been provided by Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions, who have partnered with the University of Alberta and the Faculty of Engineering to bring this Centre to fruition. Industrial support comes from endowments from Glencore Canada Corporation, Capital Power Corporation, Teck Resources Limited, Hatch LTD., Nexen Energy ULC, CMG Reservoir Simulation Foundation and Mancal Corporation.