Grey Nuns Family Medicine Centre


The Grey Nuns Family Medicine Centre (GNFMC) is an academic teaching site located in Millwoods across the street from the Grey Nuns Community Hospital. GNFMC offers a full spectrum of family practice including men and women’s health, child and adolescent health, Care of the Elderly, prenatal and well-baby care, palliative care, and various procedures. Physicians are members of the Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network. Residents at GNFMC learn from a wide range of clinical experiences and horizontal electives, including practice quality improvement projects, and PGYII resident-run clinics. Residents will work with multiple preceptors who have different interests, patient populations, and teaching styles while on their family medicine rotation. Other clinic features include:

  • Dedicated resident rooms with computers where learners can interact with each other
  • Biweekly virtual team meetings to connect and engage staff, learners, and management
  • Respiratory Assessment Pathway and dedicated Isolation Room for safe in-person assessments of patients with viral respiratory symptoms
  • Friendly, team-oriented environment working as a medical home in the community
  • A wide variety of patients and types of patient care
  • Electronic medical records (MedAccess)

Learning Opportunities

Educational opportunities:

  • Seminars and/or case rounds
  • MSK/Joint exam sessions 
  • Evidence-based medicine 
  • SOO/licensing exam preparation 
  • Resident-run clinics in second year 
  • Team-based practice quality improvement
Multidisciplinary clinics that residents can attend:

  • Diabetic care
  • Geriatric assessments and health aging home visits
  • Cardiovascular risk reduction and smoking cessation
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Extended care facility for patients on a transition unit for post-hip/knee fractures and fractures


Dr. Ron Shute

Assistant Clinical Professor

Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network
Member, AMA Informatics Advisory Committee

Dr. Roshan Abraham

Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Pre-clerkship Director

Foundations Co-Coordinator, MD Program

Dr. Lillian Au

Associate Professor

Director, Faculty Development, Department of Family Medicine

Director, Longitudinal Themes, MD Program

Dr. Denise Campbell-Scherer


Associate Dean, Lifelong Learning and Physician Learning Program

Dr. John Chmelicek

Associate Professor

Associate Chair, Dept of Family Medicine

Dr. Donna Manca


Director of Quality Improvement, Dept of Family Medicine

Clinical Director, Alberta Northern Primary Care Research Network

Dr. Eniola Salami

Assistant Professor

Black Health Lead, MD Program

Physical Exam Co-Lead, Longitudinal Themes, MD Program

Dr. Shirley Schipper

Associate Professor

Vice-Dean, Education, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Dr. Michael Yan

Associate Clinical Professor

Medical Lead, Leg Ulcer Clinic, Royal Alexandra Hospital