Lynnwood Family Physicians


Located in West Edmonton close to the Misericordia Community Hospital, Lynnwood is a modern family medicine clinic designed with teaching in mind while serving patients in all age ranges from mainly urban and suburban areas. Each resident gets their own workspace. There are three exam rooms per teaching physician to allow for better patient flow while giving the resident the opportunity to take appropriate time with patients to foster development of clinical acumen. All preceptors are involved with research as participants, co-leads, co-investigators, and where noted have privileges and are attending physicians for their in hospital patients.

Learning Objectives

  • Residents are exposed to varied patient volumes as experience dictates
  • Lynnwood offers residents a complete and immersive experience in community-based, full scope family practice
  • Weekly teaching seminars


Dr. Fraser Armstrong
Community Preceptor, Clinical Professor
Dr. Randy Naiker
Community Preceptor, Associate Clinical Professor
Dr. Brad Rowe
Site Director, Community Preceptor, Assistant Clinical Professor
Dr. Scott Matlock
Community Preceptor