St. Albert Medical Clinic


St. Albert Medical Clinic is located in St. Albert, a city snug to the northern edge of Edmonton and only a 30-minute drive from the University of Alberta campus. The clinic is made up of 8 family doctors, 2 longitudinal locum doctors, and several friendly staff members. It is part of the St. Albert & Sturgeon Primary Care Network with access to allied health care providers who are available to collaborate on patient care.

Each doctor has a slightly different practice focus that provides residents with well-rounded exposure to a large variety of patients and presentations within the clinic, including:

  • Palliative care (some of the doctor care for palliative patients at a local hospice on a rotating basis)
  • Gender-affirming medicine
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Women's health
  • Pediatrics
  • Complex patients

Many of the doctors at St. Albert Medical Clinic work in primary care obstetrics and perform deliveries at the Sturgeon Community Hospital two blocks from the clinic. Residents are able to join in for extra deliveries and maternity/newborn visits in addition to their regular weekly primary care maternity clinic and call shifts. The clinic also houses a breastfeeding & lactation medicine clinic, Village Lactation, which includes a multidisciplinary team of two breastfeeding & lactation medicine doctors and their team IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant).

Learning Objectives

  • Full scope family medicine
  • Procedures: IUDs, implantable contraception, endometrial biopsies, frenotomies, circumcisions, biopsies, & injections
  • Opportunities to participate in maternity care, deliveries, and postpartum/postnatal care
  • Opportunities to work in palliative care (Foyer Lacombe Hospice)
  • Opportunities to participate in breastfeeding & lactation medicine
  • Opportunities to teach other medical learners
  • Gender-affirming medical care in an inclusive medical space
  • Integrative PCN staff: registered nurse, pharmacist, behavioral health (mental health) nurse


Dr. Marielle Pratt

Lead Preceptor

Interests: Maternity care


Dr. Bailey Adams

Lead Preceptor

Interests: Maternity care, breastfeeding & lactation medicine


Dr. Barbara Fischer
Interests: Palliative
Dr. Celine Gannon
Interests: Maternity
Dr. Lauren Eastman
Interests: Breastfeeding & lactation medicine
Dr. Karen Ching
Interests: Maternity
Dr. Kevin Desmarais
Interests: Maternity, addiction medicine
Dr. Krista Bennett
Interests: Palliative, LTC, maternity