MacEwan University Health Centre


MacEwan University Health Centre is purpose-built and staffed with the Medical Home in mind. Situated on the northern edge of the MacEwan University campus in downtown Edmonton, this academic teaching site is a unique collaboration between the University of Alberta's Department of Family Medicine and MacEwan University championing the Patient's Medical Home. In 2023, the clinic received the Patient’s Medical Home Outstanding Family Practice Award from the the Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP).

To optimize care for each patient, the primary care provider works together with the clinic’s nurses, medical office assistants, social workers, pharmacists, and occupational therapist. To optimize the clinic’s already exemplary processes, a quality improvement lens resulting in “continuous improvement initiatives to lead and innovate in the primary care setting” is coordinated by a designated team. The data consistently collected by this team is used to assess performance so adjustments may be made if necessary.

Learning Opportunities

  • Comprehensive physical and mental health care for all acute and chronic care needs
  • Disease prevention and screening
  • Health promotion and education
  • On-site mental health professionals
  • Student health
  • Palliative Care
  • Rainbow Clinic: support for the primary care needs of our LGBTQIA2S+ patients in a supportive, welcoming environment
  • Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • STI Testing (Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing)
  • PrEP program (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – HIV Exposure)


Dr. Avery Wynick

Clinic Preceptor

Interests: Gender medicine, sexual health, trauma-informed care & leveraging technology in healthcare.

Dr. Constance Lebrun

Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Interests/specialty: Sports & exercise medicine, care of musculoskeletal and medical issues of physically active individuals.

Academic interests: Health considerations of active girls and women, as well as return-to-play issues, especially concussion in sport.

Dr. Dalal Awwad

Clinical Lecturer

Interests: Outpatient women's health, weight management, student health, refugee & immigrant health.

Dr. Douglas Klein

Professor, Director, Change Alberta Research Group

Interests: Nutrition, physical activity, health promotion & community engagement

Dr. Eric Tredget

Assistant Clinical Professor, MacEwan University Health Centre

Interests: Paediatrics, women’s health and maternity care, general family medicine.

Dr. Ginetta Salvalaggio

Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Co- Director, Research Program, Department of Family Medicine

Associate Scientific Director, Inner City Health and Wellness Program

Interests: Community engagement, transitions in care, urban underserved populations, & substance abuse care

Dr. Henrique Fernandes

Assistant Clinical Professor

Interests: Surgical screening, minor operations, student health, & quality improvement.

Dr. Joanne Caulfield

Assistant Clinical Professor, MacEwan University Health Centre

Interests: Women’s Health

Dr. Julia Chronopoulos

Assistant Clinical Professor

Interests: Trans health, queer health, & mental health. 

Dr. Keith Huber

Assistant Clinical Professor

Interests: Palliative care, care of the elderly, musculoskeletal conditions & teaching medical learners

Dr. Martin Tieu

Assistant Professor, Family Physician, Department of Family Medicine
Assistant Program Director, Resident Selection and Recruitment
Undergraduate Family Medicine Elective Lead

Interests: Full-service family practice, prenatal care, palliative care, education of medical learners, planetary health, leveraging electronic health records to enhance patient care

Dr. Peter Bell

Clinical Lecturer, Clinic Preceptor

Interests: Palliative care, care of the elderly, quality improvement, & utilization of medical technologies.

Dr. Raegan Kijewski

Assistant Clinical Professor, Clinic Preceptor

Interests: Palliative care, care of the elderly, mental health care & quality improvement

Dr. Sanja Kostov

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Course Director, Reproductive Medicine & Urology Block, MD Program
Vice Chair, Maternity & Newborn Care, MIG/Committee College of Family Physicians of Canada
Program Director of Enhanced Skills Family Medicine Obstetrics

Interests: Reproductive, sex and gender health, & family medicine obstetrics

Dr. Sudha Koppula

Associate Professor

Interests: Family Medicine Leadership, Women's health, medical education, & education research

Dr. Teresa DeFreitas

Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Specialties: Family Medicine with CAC in Sport and Exercise Medicine
Diploma in Sports Medicine (CASEM)