Radius Community Health & Healing


Radius Community Health & Healing is Edmonton’s only inner-city community health centre. Our multidisciplinary team focuses exclusively on the inner-city population, providing a full range of care from prenatal through palliative (with the exception of intrapartum care.)  We work closely with social agencies and community and health partners to address the broad range of health-related issues, with priority to social determinants of health. 

Learning Opportunities

  • Learn about addiction treatment embedded in holistic primary care for an inner-city population
  • Learn about robust mental health services with a focus on trauma-informed care: integrated psychiatry rotation with onsite psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Develop skills in addressing the special issues of inner-city Indigenous people
  • Witness the treatment of complex chronic pain and suffering in an at-risk population
  • Participate in on-site visits from specialists (Infectious diseases, palliative care)
  • Garner off-site service experience: men’s and women’s shelters, Edmonton Native Healing Centre, iHuman (inner city youth)
  • Perform multiple minor procedures: wound care clinic, sutures/I&D, minor surgical, IUDs, casts and splints
  • Teach medical students, and participate in the development of inner-city curriculum


Dr. Cameron Barr
Dr. Cameron Barr, MD, CCFP (AM)
Resident Advisor
Dr. Jessica Kirkwood
Dr. Jessica Kirkwood, MD CCFP (AM)
Resident Advisor
Dr. Mat Rose
Dr. Mat Rose, MD CCFP (AM)
Resident Advisor
Dr. Tally Mogus
Dr. Tally Mogus, MD CCFP (AM)
Resident Advisor
Dr. Aulora Oleynick
Dr. Aulora Oleynick, MD CCFP
Dr. Bailey Sorochan
Dr. Bailey Sorochan, MD CCFP
Dr. Francesco Mosaico
Dr. Francesco Mosaico, MD CCFP (AM)
Dr. Linda Lam
Dr. Linda Lam, MD CCFP
Dr. Jonathan Hesje
Dr. Jonathan Hesje, MD CCFP
Dr. Nancy Easton
Dr. Nancy Easton, MD CCFP
Dr. Niran Vijayaratnam
Dr. Niran Vijayaratnam, MD CCFP
Dr. Sara Axford
Dr. Sara Axford, MD CCFP