Westview Community Teaching Site


The Westview Community Teaching Site is affiliated with five community family practice clinics; four in Spruce Grove and one in Stony Plain. Each clinic is a fee-for-service, physician owned and managed family practice located 15-20 minutes driving from West Edmonton. Together the clinics serve a panel of 53, 368 patients made up of residents of the suburban and rural communities of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County and three First Nations (Enoch, Paul and Alexis). The combined panel birth rate is higher than the provincial rate at 30/1,000 women.

As members of the WestView Primary Care Network, the five clinics are resourced for collaborative practice with nursing, pharmacy, social work, mental health, community navigator and panel management professionals delivering care in the Patient’s Medical Home clinical environment. Equipped with electronic medical record (EMR) systems with clinical and business auditing features, the clinics offer residents opportunities to design clinical quality improvement initiatives and to develop strategic business plans on aspects of running a medical practice. The clinics’ busy community practice environment speeds the development of clinical acumen to prepare residents for varied and graduated patient volumes early on, building confidence for a resident-managed patient panel as experience grows.

Learning Opportunities

  • A comprehensive family medicine clinical experience offered by a site faculty who all provide cradle to grave care to their patient panel, each is equipped at the same time with expertise in additional clinical area(s): 11 practice primary care obstetrics (PCOBS) and deliver at the Misericordia Community Hospital (MCH);12 serve on the Primary Care Hospital Team (PCHT) at the MCH and/or the WestView Health Centre (WVHC), 8 provide care at local and/or Edmonton Palliative Hospices, 7 at six Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities, and 8 (trained practitioners of the CanREACH “Patient-Centered Mental Health in Pediatric Primary Care”) at the PCN Youth Mental Health Clinic. 
  • Opportunity to integrate PCHT, PCOBS and Well-Child Care into the FM Block (site faculty together delivered a total of 419 babies in 2020). 
  • Horizontal learning experiences with Westview-based providers in Women’s Health, Pediatric Asthma, Obesity, Chronic Pain,Youth Mental Health, Office Procedures, Cast Clinic, Palliative Care, First Nations Family Health, Emergency Medicine, In-Patient Care, Surgical Suite IV Starts/Airway Management.
  • Site-based teaching activities withpresentations by both preceptors and residents: monthly rounds, semi-annual research and quality improvement forums.


Dr. Krista Piebiak-Patterson

Site Director & Assistant Clinical Professor

(Westgrove) PCOBS, Palliative/Hospice

Dr. Ammara Sadiq
(ConnectCare) General FM
Dr. Carla Laidlaw
(Westgrove) Youth Mental Health
Dr. Corinne Perry
(Westland) PCOBS, Youth Mental Health, Women’s Health
Dr. Elisabeth Thompson
(Westgrove) PCOBS, PCHT, Palliative/Hospice
Dr. Gaylene Genge
PCHT, Palliative & LTC
Dr. Ian Johnson
(Zia Medical Clinic in Stony Plain) Peds Asthma
Dr. Jamil Janmohamed
(Westgrove) General FM
Dr. Jovita Beyer
(Westgrove Clinic) PCOB and PCHT
Dr. Marge Ivy Zuidhof
(Westgrove) PCHT
Dr. Maryna Karpiyevich
(Westland) PCOBS, PCHT, Women’s Health
Dr. Preet Rai
(ConnectCare) General FM
Dr. Ross Dunbar
(Westland) PCHT, Geriatric LTC
Dr. Shauna Durocher
(Zia/Meridian) PCHT, Palliative/Hospice
Dr. Stanley Kroeker
(Westland) PCOBS, PCHT, Geriatric LTC
Dr. Stephanie D’Agostini
(Westgrove) Obesity