Shifa Medical Clinic


Shifa Medical Clinic is a full-service family practice with walk-in hours and booked appointments. It is located in South Edmonton just off of Gateway and the Whitemud Drive. Shifa Medical clinic is affiliated with Edmonton Southside PCN, and has a wonderful multidisciplinary team with two RNs, a mental health nurse (BHC) and a Panel Manager (PMA). Patients also have access to exercise specialists (ES), respiratory therapists (RT), dieticians (RD) and various group programs through the PCN main office.

Learning Opportunities

  • Residents have opportunities to learn full-service family medicine and have the option of integrating PCHT at the Grey Nuns.
  • Ample exposure to procedural skills (IUD insertions, endometrial biopsies, Nexplanon insertions, lumps and bumps, excisional biopsies), chronic pain management and opioid tapering.
  • Opportunity to work closely with a multidisciplinary team both in the clinic and on PCHT.
  • Access to a portable Mac available for learners and individualized EMR access.


Dr. Kaili Hoffart

dr hoffart

Dr. Kaili Hoffart has been at this clinic since completing her residency in 2014. She has a diverse practice with a focus on women’s health (including lots of IUD insertions/endometrial biopsies/Nexplanons, Prenatals up to 26 weeks, Post-partum care), lumps & bumps procedures, and chronic pain/safe opioid prescribing. She has a busy practice with a good variety of young families, geriatrics, complex chronic pain patients, and patients with multiple comorbidities.

When away from her family practice, Dr. Hoffart works on the Primary Care Hospital Team (Orange Team) at the Grey Nuns Hospital and occasionally covers Subacute at Capital Care Grandview. She is the physician lead for the CAPE Clinic (Caring and Providing Empowerment –, which is a volunteer run pro-choice clinic that provides IUD insertions for at-risk patients. CAPE has ties to ARCH, NAIT and multiple inner-city outreach organizations.

Dr. Hoffart is passionate about teaching engaged learners and is very involved in family medicine leadership. She is a member of the ACFP Summit Scientific Planning Committee, the past Chair of the ACFP First Five Years in Practice Committee and a past member of the Edmonton Southside PCN Board of Directors. Dr. Hoffart loves dogs and her furry friend Tuco often joins in at Shifa.