Kaye Family Medicine Clinic


Located in Central Edmonton across from the University of Alberta Hospital, the Kaye Family Medicine Clinic provides comprehensive health care for all ages. This clinic is a mixed academic and community practice nestled in the heart of the large, modern Kaye Edmonton Clinic which opened in 2012. This multidisciplinary team provides high-quality comprehensive care for more than 30,000 patients each year. Some physicians are actively involved in research.

Learning Objectives

  • Teaching activities regularly scheduled for residents
  • Clinic equipped with a user-friendly EMR
  • Residents are supported by helpful and knowledgeable medical staff
  • Opportunities for minor procedures including skin biopsies, IUD insertions and vasectomies
  • Residents are exposed to a wide range of acute, chronic and preventative medical care services
Dr. Daisy Fung
Site Director, Community Preceptor, Assistant Clinical Professor
Dr. Jason Hamm
Community Preceptor
Dr. Patricia Belda
Community Preceptor
Dr. Scott Garrison