Faculty Governance

Standing Committees

As a subcommittee of the General Faculties Council, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) Council is composed of members from each department offering a graduate program and the Dean of the Faculty, the President, and other members appointed by the General Faculties Council.

FGSR Council represents a number of committees: Graduate Scholarship Committee, Academic Appeals, Policy Review Committee. View policies on FGSR Council Standing Committees. 

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  • Graduate Scholarship Committee

    The FGSR Graduate Scholarship Committee (GSC), was established to make recommendations concerning graduate scholarship policy and to adjudicate University of Alberta graduate scholarship applications (CFGSR 1958/1/17).

    It administers and adjudicates the various awards managed competitions by the University of Alberta; it also approves new awards, and develops policy for graduate awards. The GSC is chaired by the Dean FGSR, or designate.

    Composition: The GSC is comprised of Dean, FGSR or delegate (Chair) ex officio, Associate Dean, FGSR ex officio, Associate Dean, FGSR ex officio, Associate Dean, FGSR ex officio, 18-20 NSERC-area Faculty members, 18-20 SSHRC-area Faculty members, 10-15 CIHR-area Faculty members, Graduate Students' Association (GSA) Representative, Graduate Awards Supervisor, FGSR ex officio, (Secretary, non-voting)

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  • Academic Appeals Committee

    Students may appeal decisions by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research that change their academic standing.

    An Academic Appeals Committee was established pursuant to GFC policy (Section 1, Academic Appeals Policy). FGSR Council delegated authority to the Committee to hear academic appeals and decide upon them. (CFGSR 1973/2/16).

    View details on the FGSR's Academic Appeal Regulations.

    Coordinator: Dena Giroux

    Composition: The Academic Appeals Committee consists of the Chair and 10 FGSR Council members, comprising 6 faculty and 4 graduate students who are FGSR Council members at the time of their appointment. The faculty members shall be appointed by the FGSR Council upon nomination of the Dean, normally for a period of 2 years. The Chair of the Committee shall be appointed by the Dean and shall serve for a term of office determined by the Dean.

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  • Policy Review Committee

    At the request of the Council or the Dean, FGSR, or at its own discretion, this Committee proposes or considers specific graduate policies, and where necessary will place before the Council proposed revisions of, amendments to, or deletions of existing policy.

    As part of its deliberations, the Committee may collect information from stakeholders and interested parties as well as other institutions.

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