YEG Innovation Showcase  

25 May 2022

May 25, 2022 (12:00 – 2:00 PM MST) 

The YEG Innovation Showcase is an opportunity to see some of the amazing innovation taking place in Edmonton.  Students and postdoctoral scholars from all Edmonton institutions were invited to participate.  We encourage you to engage with them on the interactive virtual platform during the launch and or view at your leisure afterwards.

  • Eden Redman (Communication Sciences and Disorders) - Remote at-home Brain Imaging
  • Elisabeth Kezia Widjaja (AFNS) - Beans! Fuel for the future?
  • Harikrishna Rao Mohan Rao (Electrical and Computer Engineering) - Discovery of Alarm Correlations Based on Patter Mining and Network Analysis
  • Dr. James Benoit (Nursing & Pediatrics) - An app for parents with sick children: improving access to tools for children's health
  • Mehrdad Yousefpoori-Naeim (Educational Psychology) -Can We Trust Multilingual Apps?
  • Dr. Michèle L. Hébert (Occupational Therapy and Educational Psychology) - Facilitating Family Help-Seeking and Wellness Through Eco social Partnership
  • Mona Ahmadirad (Civil and Environmental Engineering) - Analysis of Human-Automation Railway Accidents: Application of Text Mining and Machine Learning
  • Nadia Daniel (Medicine) - How Can We Breathe Better?
  • Nicole Rodriguez (Pediatrics) - BAWSE : A Community App For Post-Secondary Students Living with ADHD
  • Rija Kamran (Rehabilitation Medicine) - Activity Based Therapy after Spinal Cord Injury in Alberta
  • Shahad Al-Imarah (Pharmacy) - Can We Eat Our Way Out of Cancer
  • Yi Ran Lu (Chemical and Materials Engineering) - Electrifying Methane Reforming