Google DeepMind Graduate Scholarship

Nominations are due in the Spring/Summer term


  • Academic Requirements: Superior academic achievement
  • Area of Study: Artificial intelligence and or machine learning
  • Program of study: Registered in a Master of Science program in the Department of Computing Science with a focus in artificial intelligence and or machine learning
  • Preference Criterion: Preference given to students from low or middle income countries under represented in the applicant pool
  • Selection Criterion: Selection based on academic achievement
  • Additional Information: Unless exceptional documented circumstances exist the scholarship is intended for students studying in Canada and recipients must have Canadian banking in place to receive payment
  • Additional Information: Recipients must identify as female and or self identify as a member of a visible minority and/or who is First Nation, Inuit or Metis person of Canada in accordance with the Constitution Act 1982 Part 2 Section 35(2
  • Additional Information: Recipients will be offered 2,250 USD in the first year to cover expenses as outlined in section 2.8 of the Donation Agreement Recipients will be offered 1500 USD in the first year to cover eligible equipment expenses
  • Additional Information: This award is automatically renewable for a second year so long as the student maintains satisfactory academic standing
  • Additional Information: Funds will be disbursed in Canadian Dollars
  • Open to Canadian citizens
  • Open to permanent residents
  • Open to foreign nationals holding Canadian study permits
  • Open to applicants in course-based study programs
  • Open to applicants in thesis-based study programs
  • Open to applicants in masters programs
  • Open to full time registered students only

How to apply

By nomination only. Students should contact their department for details on the application process. Nominations are submitted to GPS by the Department (or Faculty). The Graduate Scholarship Committee makes the final decision.

Additional Information

Deadlines on this page are approximations. Departments may have their own internal deadlines for adjudicating awards before submitting to GPS. Please contact your department directly about deadlines.

The value and number of awards and scholarships are determined yearly and may increase or decrease. Departments can confirm the current value of open awards and GPS deadlines through GSMS.

Award Details


Annually funded by The DeepMind Scholarships

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