Total E&P Canada Ltd Graduate Scholarship

Nominations are due in the Spring/Summer term


  • Superior Academic Achievement
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Nominees registered in a master's program are eligible to hold this award during the first 2 years of their program and nominees registered in a doctoral program are eligible to hold awards during years 1-5 of their program
  • Nominee is conducting research in process engineering or environmental engineering as it relates to the oil sands
  • Awarded on the basis of superior academic achievement
  • This will be a one-time award
  • There is an opportunity for an internship with Total E&P Canada Ltd
  • Open to Canadian citizens.
  • Open to permanent residents.
  • Open to foreign nationals holding Canadian study permits.
  • Open to applicants in doctoral programs.
  • Open to applicants in masters programs.
  • Open to applicants in course-based study programs.
  • Open to applicants in thesis-based study programs.

How to apply

By nomination only. Students should contact their department for details on their application process. Nominations are submitted to GPS by the Department (or Faculty). The Graduate Scholarship Committee makes the final decision.

Additional Information

Deadlines on this page are approximations. Departments may have their own internal deadlines for adjudicating awards before submitting to GPS. Please contact your department directly about deadlines.

The value and number of awards and scholarships are determined yearly and may increase or decrease. Departments can confirm the current value of open awards and GPS deadlines through GSMS.

Award Details


Funded by Total E & P Canada Ltd

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Award Category

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