Current projects

An Interprofessional Shadowing Toolkit - Partnership with The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

A partnership between the College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas at Austin and the Health Sciences Education and Research Commons (HSERC) at the University of Alberta is collaborating to support structured Interprofessional Shadowing (IPSh) including integration into curriculum and flexible faculty-supported interactions. The goal is to optimize collaborative practice and interprofessional shadowing opportunities for all levels of health professions students. Designing a successful IPSh program requires:

  • aligning learning objectives appropriate for the learner level.
  • developing a structure for the actual shadowing experience.
  • integrating a meaningful and relevant reflection component.
  • addressing key challenges to implementation.

Assessment and Evaluation of Competencies for Collaborative Practice within the Interprofessional Learning Pathway

This project is led by Dr. Mary Roduta Roberts, Department of Occupational Therapy in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Roberts is collaborating with HSERC to inform assessment practices within the Interprofessional Learning Pathway. This work will better support the meaningful assessment of students across their interprofessional learning experiences. Exploration of the use of a single-point feedback rubric to guide facilitator and peer feedback is underway.

Interdisciplinary Health Education Partnership

The Interdisciplinary Health Education Partnership (IHEP) project's purpose is to develop and assess standardized interdisciplinary learning modules using simulation platforms. In short, IHEP is a great way for students to develop interdisciplinary communication skills through a series of interdisciplinary health team simulations using standardized patients, high fidelity mannequins, and virtual world technology. IHEP developed, and delivers, Save Stan every year. In 2017 this unique event took place at both the University of Alberta and McEwan campuses. Over 1000 students took part.

Integrating Interprofessional Education for Collaboration into Practicum Experiences for Health Professional Students

The Interprofessional Learning Pathway includes opportunities for integrating interprofessional education (IPE) within practicum experiences. During their practicum placements, students’ opportunities for relevant, context-driven experiences to refine interprofessional collaborative practice skills are often missed. Therefore, intentional interprofessional education within practicums, with a focus on skills to develop collaborative networks, will capitalize on missed opportunities and enhance the workforce readiness of future health professionals. Read more about this project.

Question Alert! A Shared Communication Tool - Partnership with The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

A collaborative study team is working on a research project to create a shared communication tool. The study team includes care providers, a family advisor, and a manager from the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital along with researchers from the University of Alberta. HSERC acknowledges the strong support of our study team, staff, and participating clinics at the Glenrose. The purpose of this study is:

  • to empower patients and families to engage in clear, plain language communication with care providers at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital by trialling, adapting, and sharing the redesigned “Question Alert!” card.
  • to remind care providers to slow down, provide clear and jargon-free information, and make space for questions and conversation with patients and families.