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Dear media, I am more than just violence by Billy-Ray Belcourt

Read Billy-Ray Belcourt's reflection piece on the media response to his winning the scholarship. (Nov 24, 2015)

Edmonton student first-ever First Nations Rhodes scholar from Canada

Three University of Alberta students are recipients of the 2016 Rhodes scholarship - the most ever elected in a single year in the university's history. (Source: Metro News)

1st-ever First Nations student among 3 Rhodes scholars named at U of A

Billy-Ray Belcourt, Carley-Jane Stanton and Zia Saleh have been awarded the prestigious scholarship. (Source: CBC news)

Billy-Ray Belcourt, Honors student in MLCS awarded a Rhodes Scholarship for 2016

Billy-Ray Belcourt, Honors student in MLCS and President of the Aboriginal Student Council at the University of Alberta, has been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship for 2016. He is one of eleven students from Canada who have won Rhodes Scholarships this year. (Source: The Globe and Mail)

MLCS profiles in CSL

Odile C. CSL Instructor "(CSL give students this sense that they're doing something for the real word and not just for an assignment". Odile has been involved with CSL over the past three years...

Happy 100th Birthday "Old Arts"

MLCS Welcomes our students!

The Department of MLCS welcomes our students to the 2015/2016 academic year

Dr. Daniel Laforest, Associate Professor of French, interviewed on CBC Montreal on his research about suburbs in North America.

MA student in French makes the news with her research project

Autistic Arts student Jessica Pigeau will present her research at the International Conference on Autism

Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky Inducted into UofA Museums' Curator Hall of Fame

Curator, Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives

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