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Top Stories of 2016

MLCS is well represented on the Top 16 stories of 2016 from the Work of Arts blog. Congratulations to Jenny Osorio and Hansy Herrera for their incredible success with the Tandem program, John Eason for his fresh take on Abba, and Dr. Beard for her work on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), not to mention our award winners!

Federal government considers making sign language Canada's third official language

What's your Sign Language level? ... The government is looking at the possibility of adding a third official language: sign language.

Congratulations to our long-time MLCS employees

Professor Marisa Bortolussi Dixon and Professor Gary Kelly were honoured for their service in the Celebration of Service awards night.

Dia de los Muertos brings out the beauty in death

Our Department's Spanish instructors and the Faculty of Extension organized the celebration of the Day of the Dead (día de los muertos), an ancient Mexican festivity, full of colours & traditions. Read this wonderful article from The Gateway, the University of Alberta official student newspaper.

Dr. Smith-Prei highlighted in the new Faculty of Arts publication

"This is... the Faculty of Arts" highlights the work of Arts faculty, students and alumni. By focusing on experiential learning, teaching and research opportunities, we demonstrate how we prepare students for successful careers in various sectors of society. See Dr. Smith-Prei highlighted in this great publication. Her research explores the ways in which feminist activists are taking to digital platforms.

Dr. Marie Wilson's lecture, Truth and Reconciliation, Good relations, and Indigenizing the Academy (October 19 - 21, 2016)

Thanks to the Faculty of Arts, we had the pleasure to attend a lecture by Dr. Marie Wilson, Commissioner, Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada. This event launched an ongoing series of activities designed to encourage members of the Faculty of Arts to engage with and enact the Truth and Reconciliation's Calls to Action. In case you missed this wonderful opportunity please watch her lecture online!

Giving a family 'A Place to Call Home'

Houssem Ben Lazreg, a PhD graduate and guest speaker during the refugee fundraising event 'A Place to Call Home'

Watch Dr. Van Deusen at Open Minds 2016

Virgins & Virtue: How the Past Still Controls the Present This presentation describes her SSHRC Insight Grant-funded research project, which aims to examine a large body of poetry on virgin martyr saints composed and circulated in Early Modern Iceland (ca. 1500-1800). These poems, the majority of which were composed well after the Protestant Reformation (officially 1550 in Iceland), focus on the stories of young Christian maidens who were subject to violent torture at the hands of pagan suitors, and were willing to die before sacrificing their chastity. She intends to argue that the popularity of the poems about virgin martyr saints in Iceland well beyond the Catholic era can be explained by their exemplary function. She will argue that these poems played an important role in the prescription of ideal womanly behaviour in Early Modern Iceland, particularly within the context of sexuality.

2016 Killam Laureates Honoured

Our wonderful Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Zaira Zarza Blanco and other Killam laurates honoured by the President David Turpin

Hansy Herrera SALUTE Teaching Award

Recently awarded the SALUTE (Student's Union Award in Undergraduate Teaching) teaching award.

Arts Green and Gold Cup Winners!

Winners of the Faculty of Arts first annual #GreenandGold office decorating contest

Check out the poster display of the Roger S. Smith Undergraduate Research Award winners from 2016

St. Jerome's Day Conference a great success

Thank you to all participants, reader and spectators

Congratulations to Natalie Van Deusen and Odile Cisneros on their SSHRC grants

We are pleased to announce that two of our MLCS colleagues have received SSHRC grants this year.

New courses, new ideas kick-start academic year

Breasts, cyborgs, storytelling and entrepreneurial ambitions: check out some of the newest UAlberta courses.

Cultures of the Body - a medical narration

New MLCS course reflects on multi-disciplinary storytelling in medicine, health and life.

Axel Perez shared with us this teaching techniques

Festival of Teaching Spots is an event that features short, five-minute presentations by award-winning U of A instructors. This year, Axel Perez shared with us his teaching techniques that make his language classes engaging. He is a PhD candidate in Spanish and Latin American Studies in MLCS and recipient of the 2016 GSA Graduate Student Principal Instructor Teaching Award.

Arts grad finds second chance on the path less travelled

Erin Kelly took a long detour on the road to the convocation stage, but it was what she learned along the way that made the destination possible.

An Indigenous Graduate's Open Letter to the University of Alberta's Class of 2016

Rhodes Scholar-elect Billy-Ray Belcourt offers thoughts on what convocation means to him-and challenges graduates to take up the promise of "uplifting the whole people."

Congratulations to Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky and the Kule Folklore Centre for their 15th Anniversary

On Friday, May 13th, 2016, the staff and students from Kule Folklore Centre at the University of Alberta celebrated the Centre's 15th Anniversary with many of its stakeholders and community friends.

A great year for MLCS - Celebration of Excellence Awards Night

Congratulations to Axel Perez Trujillo and Hansy Herrera

Winners of the 2016 GSA Graduate Student Principal Instructor Teaching Awards

Mamma Mia, (Queer) I Go Again!

Modern Languages & Cultural Studies prof John Eason teaches Scandinavia from A(BBA) to Q(ueer)

Congratulations to Hansy Herrera recipient of the LCCC Outstanding Latino Canadian Student Award

Congratulations to Hansy and Jenny, founders of the Tandem Program

The Tandem Program is a student-led language-sharing program that allows participants who wish to teach their own language while practicing their skills in another. But it's not just about fluency, it's about connection and sharing cultures.

MBA careers demand for language skills

Multilingualism can provide edge in ascent to executive suite

6-2 Caribbean Cinema Now

Congratulations to the editors of Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies and the contributors to the latest issue, on Caribbean Cinema--great topic!

University of Alberta professor teaching Scandinavian studies course on ABBA

Article from the Edmonton Examiner on John Eason's special topics class, Mamma Mia 'Queer' I Go Again!

Study on happiness by Arts research team making international headlines

Sociology Professor Harvey Krahn and Psychology professor Nancy Galambos make the media rounds as study refuting "mid-life crisis theory" takes the world by storm

University of Alberta student taps Edmonton refugee community for advice for newcomers

Asad Makhani is a fifth year Bachelor of Sciences student at the University of Alberta

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