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Why Teaching About the Viking Age is Relevant and Even Crucial

Part I: International Education Week in the Faculty of Arts

Going Abroad with Carrie Smith

Multilingualism - An Asset or A Threat?

Multilingual Matters published a post about the themes covered in Dr. Dailey-O'Cain most recent publication "Multilingualism, (Im)mobilities and Spaces of Belonging"

Can Literature Save the Planet Lessons from Latin America by Dr. Cisneros

Dr. Cisneros' essay "Can Literature Save the Planet: Lessons from Latin America." was published on MLA latest volume Foreign Language Teaching and the Environment: Theory, Curricula, Institutional Structures. This publication is from the prestigious MLA series Teaching Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Dr. Cisneros' essay originated in her course SPAN 323: Latin American Literature and the Environment.

Dr. John Eason recipient of the 2019 Jan Chalk Award

WasteAid Toolkit to community waste management launched in Spanish

The Waste Aid Handbook is now available in Spanish thanks to Odile Cisneros, MLCS Associate Professor, and her team of students from Spanish 406 class.

Language Use and Language Attitude among Ukrainian Canadians on the Prairies by Ashley HalkoAddley

Ashley Halko-Addley's article was published on the East/West Journal of Ukrainian Studies. Ashley has an MA in Media and Cultural Studies and her article is based on her MA project. Please check it out.

Congratulations Dr. Rao recipient of the 2019 SALUTE Award

Dr. Sathya Rao, MLCS Associate Professor, was awarded the 2019 SALUTE Award

Dr. Mersal's poem published on The New York Review of Books

Congratulations to Iman Mersal, Whose poem, The Slave Trade, will be published in the October 24 edition of the New York Review of Books.

Dr. Kononenko's publication recognized for Best Translation

Forgotten immigrant voices by Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn

Larisa Sembaliuk Chedalyn is a PhD student in Media and Cultural Studies (MLCS) and her article "Forgotten immigrant voices: the early Ukrainian Canadian comics of Jacob Maydanyk" was published on Graphic Novels and Comics Journal.

PhD: A Day in the Life

Happy International Week of Deaf 2019

The International Week of the Deaf (IWDeaf) is celebrated annually by the global Deaf Community on the last full week of September to commemorate the same month the first World Congress of the WFD was held. This year the theme is Sign Language Rights for All! (Sept 23 - 29, 2019)

Learning Beyond Borders - MLCS launches new streamlined degree

Dr. Bettella recipient of the British and Commonwealth grant - the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

Dr Beard awarded SSHRC Insight Grant

Dr. Beard has received a SSHRC Insight Development Grant with the title: "Wanted: A Life Narrative in Deadwood." Congratulations Dr. Beard on receiving external funding for your research.

Edmonton exhibit show theres more to Vikings history than brute force

Dr. Van Deusen's expertise is feature in this article.

Small Screen Fictions by Dr. Ensslin, an award winning publication

Small Screen Fictions (a special issue of Paradoxa) won the 2nd prize of the 2019 N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature at the annual conference of the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO), held in this year in Cork, Ireland. Congratulations to Dr. Ensslin for this recognition.

Dr Dehnavi is the new Executive Director for the Centre for Race and Culture

Dr. Dehnavi earned a PhD in Comparative Literature with us and we could not be more proud of her! She is now the new Executive Director for the Centre for Race and Culture.

Graduating and 20 Messages of Thanks for Getting Me to Convocation

Convocation Story Niabi Kapoor

Convocation '19: A Passion for Learning for Niabi Kapoor, earning a degree is more than just academics; it's about trying new things

Don't miss Safaneh Mohaghegh Neyshabouri on CBC Radio One's Ideas from the Trenches

Safaneh Mohaghegh Neyshabouri is a PhD student in Comparative Literature (MLCS) and her research on Iranian women's history is the subject of tonight episode of CBC Radio One's Ideas from the Trenches.

How Barbecue Evolved

Open-flame grilling associated with American culture has a far more complex history, says Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Associate Professor Russell Cobb

Jérémie Pelletier-Gagnon awarded a two-year postdoc at UQAM

Dr. Natalie Kononenko - Book Launch

Congratulations to Dr. Rao recipient of the TLEF grant

Congratulations to Dr Ensslin

Congratulations to Eva Glancy - MLCS's outstanding administrative leader

Students from the Ukrainian Bilingual program visit the UofA

Very talented Grade 6 students from the Ukrainian bilingual program at A. L. Horton Elementary in Vegreville also performed "Malanka" and a number of Ukrainian songs for all of our students from UKR 212 and UKR 308. This event was co- sponsored by Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies and Ukrainian Language Education Centre (ULEC)

Congratulations to Dr. Kost recipient of the OER Award

Biased terror coverage? Researcher analyses New Zealand aftermath

Houssem Ben Lazreg, our PhD student in Translation Studies, was interviewed by City News .

MLCS 299 competition - Congratulations to Richard Feddersen

The MLCS Irish Culture blog is live!

Congratulations to Richard Feddersen and Asma M'Barek

Congratulations to Richard Feddersen and Asma M'Barek recipients of the FGSR Graduate Student Teaching Award.

Jonathan Garfinkel: play in Montreal

Congratulations to Dr. Dailey-O'Cain recipient of the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Teaching Award

Folio interview with Jay Friesen

Folio interview with our own Jay Friesen, where he discusses his research on comedy, multiculturalism, and Little Mosque on the Prairie.

Don't miss the "Hotel Metropole" PopUp Exhibit curated by Elena Siemens

St. Brigid's Day at MLCS 199 Irish Culture

Congratulations to Sathya Rao and Anne Malena, FGSR Great Supervisors!

From Silos to Networks: Reenvisioning Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in a Modern Languages Department

We have made radical revisions to our graduate and undergraduate programs to better reflect student demands for professionalization, experiential learning, self-direction, and cross-cultural interdisciplinarity. If you're interested in this process, check out a collaborative article written by MLCS professors Carrie Smith, Laura Beard, Claudia Kost, Vicky Ruetalo, and Micah True.

Haiyan Xie, new graduate delegate for the Rocky Mountain MLA

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