Anne Bissonnette

Dr. Anne Bissonnette, Curator, Anne Lambert Clothing and Textiles Collection

“Anne [has a] track record in creating and transforming experiential learning experiences for students.” - Dr. Felix Sperling.

Dr. Anne Bissonnette has demonstrated exceptional dedication and passion for the Anne Lambert Clothing and Textiles Collection for which she has curated for the last 12 years.

Since joining the Department of Human Ecology in 2009, Dr. Bissonnette has been recognized for her contributions to research excellence and curatorial accomplishments within the Anne Lambert Clothing and Textiles Collection. Her reputation in creating student-led exhibitions has not only raised the profile of the museum collection on an international scale, but also has ensured that University of Alberta undergraduate and graduate students gain experience working on innovative and quality exhibitions. Additionally, Dr. Bissonnette’s commitment to the collection as an advocate has seen success in securing research grants and donations for exhibition and collections management activities. Beyond her work with the collection, Dr. Bissonnette has contributed her time and expertise to the museums community on the University of Alberta campus. She has hosted tours for various groups and has participated as a member of the University of Alberta Museums Policy and Planning committee from 2009 to 2012. 

Dr. Bissonnette has raised the visibility of the Anne Lambert Clothing and Textiles Collection in numerous ways and continues her diligence to high-quality scholarly outputs which contributes to her recognition as a leader in the field.

A woman holds a red shoe in front of a shelving system

Adapted from nomination and support letters by: Dr. Deanna Williamson, Chair (Department of Human Ecology); Catherine Roy, Retired Curator of Western Canadian History (Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, AB); Dr. Felix Sperling, Professor, Curator of the E.H. Strickland Entomological Museum (Department of Biological Sciences).