Jeremy Rossiter

Dr. Jeremy Rossiter, Curator, W.G. Hardy Collection of Ancient Near Eastern and Classical Antiquities

“Students expand their knowledge and open their minds to possibilities for their futures as a result of their sessions with Dr. Rossiter.” - Michaela Mann

Dr. Jeremy Rossiter has signified a long-term commitment to the W.G. Hardy Collection of Ancient Near Eastern and Classical Antiquities and those who learn from it for over three decades. 

During Dr. Rossiter’s tenure, he has presided over countless improvements to the museum collection he curates, and has demonstrated immeasurable dedication to the education of students from all learning levels. He has overseen a relocation of the museum and the collection, a complete redesign of the displays and interpretive materials, organized an official reopening in 2002, and curated several exhibitions, including one to mark the university's 100th anniversary. Dr. Rossiter’s commitment extends to the University of Alberta Museums network, where he has served as the Curator’s Committee Chair from 2000-2002, and a member of the Policy and Planning Committee including one year as Chair. Notably, Dr. Rossiter has made an incredible difference in students' lives at the University of Alberta. The learning environment he creates fosters curiosity and highlights possibilities for students at all levels. He was an early supporter and contributor to the UAlberta Museums Muse Project, which created hands-on activities for curriculum-based school programs. He has led tours for U School, visiting classes, university students, and the general public, and has participated in countless presentations and talks about the W.G. Hardy Collection.

Dr. Rossiter's enthusiasm for the objects in the W.G. Hardy Collection invites a fascination into the subject matter, and he has made an incredible difference in the lives of anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him.

A man stands in front of a blue banner noting the space as the WG Hardy Museum.

Adapted from nomination and support letters by: Dr. Ryan Dunch, Chair (Department of History and Classics); Michaela Mann, U School Program Lead (Office of the Chancellor and Senate).