Book on Jean-Luc Nancy by Marie-Eve Morin

Assistant Professor Marie-Eve Morin has published a book on Jean-Luc Nancy with Polity Press.

08 August 2012

A book on the contemporary French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy has been published by Assistant Professor Marie-Eve Morin. It appears with the title Jean-Luc Nancy in the Key Contemporary Thinkers series of Polity Press, available in hardcover and paperback. From the publisher's site:

"Jean-Luc Nancy is one of the leading contemporary thinkers in France today. Through an inventive reappropriation of the major figures in the continental tradition, Nancy has developed an original ontology that impacts the way we think about religion, politics, community, embodiment, and art.
Drawing from a wide range of his writing, Marie-Eve Morin provides the first comprehensive and systematic account of Nancy's thinking, all the way up to his most recent work on the deconstruction of Christianity. Without losing sight of the heterogeneity of Nancy's work, Morin presents a concise articulation of the organizing concepts, which structure Nancy's body of work. The guiding thread is that of an essential rift at the heart of any 'self' by which this self is exposed and relates to itself and other selves. Nancy's ontology undercuts dichotomies between individual and community, interior and exterior, matter and spirit, thing and thought, not in the name of mere deconstruction, but in seeking to open a thinking of the 'limit' or the 'edge' as the locus of sense. While Nancy's work has often been presented in relation to Heidegger or Derrida, Morin demonstrates the originality of Nancy's work and argues that, despite the variety of its preoccupations and topics, it possesses its own rigorous internal logic."