Philosophy PhD Student Awarded Essay Prize

PhD student Emine Hande Tuna awarded best graduate student Essay Prize

03 November 2014

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce Emine Hande Tuna has received the Essay Prize for the best graduate student paper at the 2014 American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting for her paper titled "The New Problem of Artistic Beauty and its Equally New Solution."

Abstract of the presentation: In the Kantian scholarship the problem of artistic beauty is treated as derivative of the problem of adherent beauty. However, a close reading of §§16-17 of the Critique of the Power of Judgment reveals that, for Kant, anything that can be judged as an adherent beauty can also be judged as a free beauty, with the exception of human form. This discovery permits me to re-frame the problem concerning artistic beauty: The new problem is that even though we know that we should be able to judge the works of genius as free beauties, we do not know how to do so. By proposing a method for transforming judgments of adherent beauty to judgments of free beauty, i.e. concept expansion, I solve the problem.

As well, Hande's paper titled "Why didn't Kant think highly of music?" has been accepted to the APA Pacific Division Meeting, which will be held in April 2015 in Vancouver.

Congratulations Hande!