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REO News: Dec 2019

System Maintenance Dec 21-22; Twas the night before Christmas at REO; REMO rebrand to ARISE.

T'was the Night Before Christmas at REO

T'was the night before Christmas, the campus was quiet, But the ethics reviewers were all starting to riot...

New Forms and Process for Animal Module to be implemented Dec 14-15

The revised Renewal, Amendment and Closing reports will be put into production the REMO system over the upcoming weekend (Dec 14-15).

REO News: Dec 2019 (Animal Research)

PAA Forms to be deployed Dec 14-15.

REO News: Nov 2019

REMO rebranding to ARISE; How to copy study.

Made-in-Alberta 'robot body' that allows lungs to stay alive between surgery helps with 12 successful transplants

Edmonton researchers Darren Freed and Jayan Nagendran (both FoMD) are celebrating after a device they developed that keeps lungs alive between transplant helped 12 patients see successful surgeries.

Blocking endocannabinoid system harms zebrafish development: U of A study

Blocking the endocannabinoid system of a developing zebrafish resulted in impaired movement, a University of Alberta study shows. Declan Ali (Science), a co-author of the study, said the research builds on previous work that looked at the impacts cannabis had on zebrafish embryos.

New study finds gaps in treatment for patients with chronic kidney disease

Millions of Canadians living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) may be going without critical testing from their primary care practitioners that would give them a good idea of the severity of the disease so they could intervene earlier with more appropriate care, according to a new study.

Researchers ID Sleep-disordered Phenotypes in Infants

New research has examined the impact of an infant's sleep duration and sleep disruption due to sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) on cognitive and language development at two years of age. A separate study has identified 4 distinct types of SDB that occur in infants, along with unique risk factors associated with each.

REO News: Oct 2019 (Human Research)

Use of University letterhead; Audio recording with cell phones; Implied consent template.

REO News: Oct 2019 (Animal Research)

PAA Forms Testing; Institutional SOPs; CCAC Guidelines: Mice.

Getting unstuck - Think differently to transform our communities

Douglas R. Wilson Lecture presents Jayne Engle, PhD, FRSA, OUQ We are facing crises of climate and inequality, and a lack of imagination to build a future that is healthy for all people and the planet. We are stuck.

Research Computing Fall Bootcamp Sep 23 - Oct 4

Join us for two weeks full of research computing activities, including workshops on Python, Google Drive, HPC clusters, data management planning, AI with Maixduino, and more.

REO News: Sep 2019 (Human Research)

Course-based research, Updated documents, Release of funds.

REO News: Sep 2019 (Animal Research)

Louis D Hyndman Sr Lecture 2019, Collaborations, Release of funds.

Louis D Hyndman Sr Lecture 2019

What Can Researchers Learn From Trained Superstar Rats? Keynote Speaker - Dr. Cathy Schuppli, UBC Sep 23, 2019, Room 150 Telus International Centre, University of Alberta

U of A lab developing wearable technology to prevent athletic injuries

CBC News Top student from China lends programming expertise to develop sensors and 3D avatar

Alberta Clinical Health Research Conference

Registration closes September 9th!

Dozens of Canadian researchers have faced discipline for integrity breaches

The Globe and Mail

REO News: Aug 2019 (Human research)

Renewal Q#3, Alberta Clinical Health Research Conference.

REO News: Aug 2019 (Animal Research)

Louis D Hyndman Sr Lecture 2019, Graduate Student Research, Video help on amendments.

New REMO Features for Human Research Applications

The Human module in the REMO system had two new features added: Reportable Events and recruitment with BeTheCure.ca

REO News: Jul 2019 (Human Research)

New Reportable Events Module, Recruitment with BeTheCure.ca, Updated Withdrawal Policy and Template.

REO News: Jul 2019 (Animal Research)

All About PAM.

REO News: Jun 2019

ACUC Form Revision Update and Feedback, Updated Animal Ethics Policy and Procedures, REMO Tip.

International Research Symposium

Navigating International Research Opportunities in Times of Global Change Thursday, May 2, 2019 Maple Leaf Room, Lister Conference Centre

Research Data Management Week: Data Horizons

If you are involved in research on campus then RDM Week will be of interest to you! May 6 - 10, 2019

REO News: Apr 2019 (Human Research)

Updated template for REB 4, Amendment Guidance, Upcoming Events, Updated Help Videos.

REO News: Apr 2019 (Animal Research)

ACUC Form Revision Update, Pedagogical Merit Review, Upcoming Events, Updated Help Videos.

REO News: Mar 2019

Volunteer with ACUC / REB, Talk to REO - we are here to help.

REO News: Feb 2019

ACUC Form Revision Consultations, REB Email Guidance, REB Updated Membership Lists.

Use of Email to Communicate with Study Participants

Can researchers email study participants? Can researchers recruit study participants via email?

REMO Upgrade Feb 2019 and Other Changes to Come

REMO Upgrade will occur Feb 2-3, 2019. The system may be down intermittently during this weekend. Other changes to come are also highlighted.

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REO News: Jan 2019

REMO Upgrade, Changes within our office.


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