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Jan 2019 - REMO Upgrade, Changes within our office.

Feb 2019 - ACUC Form Revision Consultations, REB Email Guidance, REB Updated Membership Lists.

Mar 2019 - Volunteer with ACUC / REB, Talk to REO - we are here to help.

Apr 2019 (Animal Research) - ACUC Form Revision Update, Pedagogical Merit Review, Upcoming Events, Updated Help Videos.

Apr 2019 (Human Research) - Updated template for REB 4, Amendment Guidance, Upcoming Events, Updated Help Videos.

June 2019 - ACUC Form Revision Update and Feedback, Updated Animal Ethics Policy and Procedures, REMO Tip.

July 2019 (Animal Research) - All About PAM.

July 2019 (Human Research) - New Reportable Events Module, Recruitment with, Updated Withdrawal Policy and Template.

Aug 2019 (Animal Research) - Louis D Hyndman Sr Lecture 2019, Graduate Student Research, Video help on amendments.

Aug 2019 (Human Research) - Renewal Q#3, Alberta Clinical Health Research Conference.

Sep 2019 (Animal Research) - Louis D Hyndman Sr Lecture 2019, Collaborations, Release of funds.

Sep 2019 (Human Research) - Course-based research, Updated documents, Release of funds.

Oct 2019 (Animal Research) - PAA Forms Testing; Institutional SOPs; CCAC Guidelines: Mice.

Oct 2019 (Human Research) - Use of University letterhead; Audio recording with cell phones; Implied consent template.

Nov 2019 - REMO rebranding to ARISE; How to copy study.

Dec 2019 (Animal Research) - PAA Forms to be deployed Dec 14-15.

Dec 2019 - System Maintenance Dec 21-22; Twas the night before Christmas at REO; REMO rebrand to ARISE.