Staff Advisory Team

As part of the U of A for Tomorrow (UAT) transformation, we have established a Staff Advisory Team to provide important feedback as we move through the development and implementation of proposals for both academic and administrative restructuring.


All members of the Staff Advisory Team are active administrative and support staff of the University of Alberta community and deeply committed to its future. We thank them in advance for their service:

Susan Babcock
Josh Bandura
Trevor Buckle
Alberto Bustamante
Reg Cardinal
Mirella Chiodo
Pam Connors
Shana Dion
Heather Dyck
Alison Exner

Karyn Gibbons
Eva Glancy
Dina Hendzel
Greg Hodgson
Michelle Johnson
Susan Kuzmak
Jackie Lane
Jane Lee
Junelle Mah
Raymond Matthias

Kathryn Merrell
Nooria Naeemi
Julie Naylor
Dianne Payeur
Sarah Peterson
Asha Rao
Melany Rattray
Jamie Rishaug
Medha Samarasinghe
Magrieta Snyman

Colleen Starchuk (Rizzoli)
Gloria Strathern
Christian Tremblay
Sherilyn Trompetter
Nathalie Walker
Derek Warwick
Edith Wishman
Emma Yellowbird
Brett Zawadiuk
Rachel Zukiwski

The first meeting of the Staff Advisory Team will be held on Monday, September 21 from 9-11 AM. Thereafter, meetings will be held monthly. More information about the Staff Advisory Team can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Selection & Composition

  • 166 Expressions of Interest (EOIs) were received 
  • Deans/Unit Leads were asked to nominate up to three individuals from their area, paying particular attention to equity, diversity and inclusion 
  • For those areas that did not receive any nominations, all EOIs from that area were considered
  • This initial process short-listed 74 individuals 
  • To appoint the 40 member team, the SET Executive Lead in consultation with Service Excellence Steering Committee (SESC) considered representation from equity seeking groups, size and/or complexity of the Faculty/Support Unit as well as the types of positions held to ensure a variety of job levels and classifications 
  • In total, 18 Faculties and 12 Support Units are represented on the Staff Advisory Team, with no more than two members from the same area
  • Membership includes Support Staff, APOs and Other (MAPS, TLAPs)

For more information on the criteria and selection process, please review the Terms of Reference.