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Research Partners Network Expansion & Workstream Update

Hiring Announcement: Executive Director for the new University Initiatives Office (UIO)

Rob Munro is the Executive Director for the new University Initiatives Office (UIO), effective April 1, 2022.

Recap of Ask SET Anything: Looking Ahead edition

On March 29, the Service Excellence Transformation (SET) team hosted a final edition of our Ask SET Anything event series to close out the SET program (which officially concluded on March 31) and focus on the future of the university's transformation.

Invitation to final Ask SET Anything event

Join the SET team for the final edition of our Ask SET Anything series on Tuesday, March 29, from 2 - 3 p.m. While the SET program will officially stand down on March 31, we know there is still significant work that needs to be done to implement, sustain, and enhance the operating model. Learn more about what comes next and have the opportunity to ask questions about this transition period.

Appointment of Associate Vice-President (Strategic Research Initiatives and Performance)

Dr. André McDonald has been appointed as Associate Vice-President (Strategic Research Initiatives and Performance) for a three-year term effective 1 March 2022. Reporting to Dr. Aminah Robinson Fayek, Vice-President (Research and Innovation), André will support strategic research initiatives, strategic research planning and performance measurement and identify research and innovation trends and emerging opportunities, among other responsibilities in the redesigned portfolio.

Contracts/Agreements review completed

The stream has completed its review of the Contracts/Agreements processes and will soon be presenting the results to the VPRI team.

Hiring announcement: Senior Research Partners

Vice-President (Research and Innovation) and the SET research administration workstream are pleased to announce the appointments of the three Senior Research Partners.

Research stream establishing a support cohort

The stream is on track for establishing an initial research support cohort.

Introducing the new process redesign methodology

While the SET process redesign team has been diligently working to redesign and streamline processes across the university's administrative functions, the team has also been working to revise and improve their methodology following several lessons learned during work completed so far.

Redesigning the Vice-President Research and Innovation portfolio

Aminah Robinson Fayek, Vice-President (Research and Innovation) introduces a redesigned portfolio structure which integrates strategic research and innovation support, streamlines research administration, and offers expanded services delivered via four Centres of Expertise.

New VPRI structure to be announced

Deployment of the Centres of Expertise for VPRI is underway; a more detailed announcement on the new structure is coming.

Process redesign work continues

Research administration continues work on process redesign to streamline administrative processes.

Looking ahead at the administrative functional streams

In this four-part weekly series, Vice-President (University Services and Finance), Todd Gilchrist, provides an overview of the upcoming activities and milestones for key initiatives of the SET program as well as case studies to demonstrate recent successes. This first article in this series takes a look at what's ahead for each of the university’s administrative functional areas.

Pre-selection for senior partners underway

Pre-selection for the senior research partners is ongoing.

Research stream plans for senior partners

The research administration stream is currently planning for the recruitment of senior partners.

Hiring Announcement: Director, Research Partners Network

We are pleased to announce that Julie Stephens has been appointed Director, Research Partners Network effective September 1.

Research administration stream update

The research administration stream is focused on finalizing the components of the new service delivery model.

Discovery update: Research administration

The research administration workstream has concluded its discovery phase, engaging with functional experts and leaders to gain a better understanding of the current state of research administration processes across the university. Watch as Walter Dixon, executive co-sponsor for the stream and Interim Vice-President, Research and Innovation, presents the stream’s preliminary findings.

Research administration stream updates

The fourth leadership workshop session is being prepared for the end of June. Workbook review and analysis, VPRI process mapping, and delivery framework design continues.

Hiring announcement: Chief of Staff, Vice-President, University Services and Finance

Charleen Schmidt has accepted the role of Chief of Staff, Vice-President University Services and Finance, starting June 7.

Recap of Ask SET Anything: Research Administration Edition

Last Friday, the SET team hosted another edition of our Ask SET Anything event series specifically for research administration staff and researchers to raise questions, concerns, and share feedback with regard to administrative restructuring and transitioning.

Research administration service catalogue released

Following collaboration and consultation with subject matter experts and leaders in the faculties and central units, the research administration service catalogue is ready to share publicly.