Health Safety and Environment

Hepa Air Filtration Units in Classrooms

The Hepa Air Filtration Units in Classrooms will continue to be in the classrooms and spaces they have been placed to support nominal air change rates. Comprehensive information around UofA building ventilation systems can be found here.

Please do not touch these units - including turning them off. They have been installed to address the air ventilation in that space and turning them off or moving them compromises their ability to function as they need to. Signage has been put up to highlight that these units are not to be touched.

Cleaning services

Bee Clean is now contracted for Augustana custodial cleaning. Our Cleaning Standards, as found here , details the frequencies and extents to which each space on campus receives cleaning by our contracted cleaning team, BeeClean.

If any issues arise or you find that additional cleaning is required, please send the request to Please send the nature of the concern and the location (building, room number). Please follow this process and do not approach Bee Clean staff with cleaning concerns.

Please note that any cleaning that takes place outside of the regular routines established by the APPA Custodial Standards are classified as either 'extra' or 'emergency' and the Faculty department requesting it will be subject to the applicable charges, and a speedcode will be needed at the time of request.