In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Garry Gibson

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of professor emeritus Garry Gibson.

Yvonne Becker and Nancy Goebel - 17 December 2021

Photo of Garry Gibson.

Garry “Gibber” Gibson’s heart of gold, love for people and influence are woven into the texture of Augustana. Since 1964, Gibber’s passion and determination created athletic and physical education programs on our small, rural campus that have been recognized provincially, nationally and internationally, despite limited resources. Teams from Camrose Lutheran College (CLC), Augustana University College (AUC) and Augustana Campus became known as a feisty, hard-working bunch that were never to be taken lightly. It was Gibber’s zeal for life and unwavering commitment to students that fostered qualities of leadership and accomplishment students didn’t even know they had. The extensive skiing and running trail system in Camrose, the active Camrose Ski Club, the biathlon facilities and the
outdoor education program at Augustana are just a few of the legacies of Gibber’s work in Camrose. But his most significant legacy is the long-lasting habit of leadership and caring he instilled in hundreds of CLC, AUC and Augustana students throughout his life.

Photo of Garry and Dorothy Gibson.

Gibber’s work and influence were, in part, due to the incredible partnership between him and his wife, Dorothy. They were side-by-side in creating positive, welcoming and nurturing experiences for thousands of students, student-athletes and colleagues. You could always count on a hug and a warm greeting and, if you were single, an attempt at matchmaking! Gibber loved to share stories, and that did not change after Dorothy’s passing in late December 2020. He mourned her death deeply and often spoke of them meeting, dating and how they spent their lives together, raising their family and serving their community.

Gibber’s name is synonymous with Augustana, and the campus is forever impacted by Gibber and Dorothy’s care of the Augustana community. We feel privileged to have called Gibber and Dorothy friends, and we will continue to notice their influence in so many people and so many places, everywhere.


This memorial originally appeared in the 2021 CIRCLE alumni magazine.