Available as a Major in:
Bachelor of Arts program.

Available as a Minor in:

Any program.

Social Sciences

What is Economics?

Economics is the study of how society allocates resources in the face of scarcity.

At Augustana, economics students are introduced to a way of thinking that emphasizes our interdependency. Students are invited to explore in depth both economic history and its implications for our understanding of society's organization. They evaluate the interaction between the economic approach and alternative ways of thinking about social life. This critical evaluation enables students to develop the judgment required to ensure that individual and social choices not only satisfy the preferences of society's members, but also contribute to their well-being and to the wise stewardship of the earth.

My Augustana experience has proven to be a solid foundation upon which I have built all aspects of my life. I believe Augustana's undergraduate education has been a driving force in my graduate school and career success. Without the earnest advice and encouragement of the faculty, I may not have challenged my personal goals and realized that my educational journey was just beginning.

Economics at Augustana

Augustana's Bachelor of Arts degree offers a four-year major, as well as a minor in Economics. A major in Economics provides an educational context where students can become well-informed citizens and independent thinkers whose critical judgement is informed by economic literacy and social responsibility alike.

Economics students at Augustana have the opportunity to combine their studies with other disciplines in courses including trips to India and China.