How to submit an appeal

  1. When the Academic Standings are run after the winter term, you will be able to see your standing in Bear Tracks. You will also receive an email in your Ualberta email account to direct you to your standing letter in Bear Tracks.
  2. The letter you receive will give you information about the process to submit an appeal. You will have 30 days from the date of the letter to submit your appeal via email to the address below.
  3. If you have any questions or need assistance, you should be in contact with your Student Advisor or the Assistant Dean of Enrolment Management, Student Academic Services.

Ensure you do the following:

The petition is to be sent via email to:

Dr. Stacy Lorenz
Vice Dean, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta

Include the following information in the petition:

  • your name, student ID number, degree program and major 
  • how many completed credits you would have to-date.
  • the calendar regulation to which you are requesting to be granted an exception - a clearly expressed explanation for your request, accompanied by a persuasive argument
  • whether you have consulted with a Student Advisor about this petition

Each petition is judged on its own merit.
No petition is automatically accepted nor rejected.
The stronger your argument is the more likely your petition will be successful.

Detailed information on the Academic Appeal Process is available in the following PDFs.

AU Academic Appeals Procedures Overview

AU Part I Student Appeal Procedures

AU Part II Student Appeal Procedures

Advice to Suspected Code Violators

Participant Guidelines Appeals

Requirement to Withdraw Appeal Worksheet

Request to depart from a Calendar regulation: Petition guidelines