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winter party

Botanic Gardens Trip: Rediscover the Magic of Winter

Feb. 3, 12:00 p.m.

As winter approaches, the University of Alberta Botanic Garden remains a haven of beauty and tranquility. The Garden is designed to be enjoyed at a walking pace, with many meandering pathways and gardens just waiting to be discovered during a leisurely stroll.

pgwp workshop

UAI Curling Night

Feb. 8, 5:15 p.m.

University of Alberta International (UAI) got you! Join us for a game of Curling at Saville Community Centre, Uofa South campus. We will be learning/practicing curling with an instructor.

Life In Canada

Explore Canada: the second largest country in the world, home to friendly people and stunning landscapes. From coast to coast, Canada has exciting cities and breathtaking natural beauty that will appeal to your adventurous side.

Coming to Canada

Prepare to come to Canada and understand your responsibilities as a U of A student.


In Alberta, we enjoy the best of all four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Living on Campus

Get the most out of your university experience. Living in residence is the foundation for you to do and be your best.

Campus Services

North Campus avenue

International Student + Visitor Services (ISVS)

ISVS provides programs, services and events for all U of A international students.

Immigration info/advising

ISVS licensed immigration consultants and student advisors provide support for:

  • Study permits, work permits and visas
  • Emergency funding
  • Health care insurance
  • Social Insurance Number information
  • Orientation and settlement
  • Adjusting to a new culture and country
  • Connecting to community

International Service Centre (ISC)

See you at the ISC! Home of ISVS and located on North Campus, the ISC provides online and in-person advising and support.

Faculty of Graduate + Postdoctoral Studies Virtual Counter

Graduate students can connect with a graduate advisor in-person or online Monday-Friday, except holidays, without an appointment.

Services at Augustana + Campus Saint-Jean

Augustana quad


Augustana International Student Services provides programs, services and events for international students at Augustana. Licensed immigration consultants and student advisors support international students with adjusting to living in Canada, immigration and more.

CSJ services

Campus Saint-Jean

La Centrale, centre d'appui à l'excellence du Campus Saint-Jean, a pour mission de soutenir la réussite académique des membre du corps étudiant international et de les aider à se préparer au monde professionnel. Les deux pôles de La Centrale - Affaires académiques et la Vie étudiante - couvre sept axes: la réussite académique, le dévelopement professionnel, l'appui aux initiatives de recherche, les examens différés, la vie étudiante, dont la vie à la Résidence et les clubs, le bien-être et la santé mentale.

Health care

Health Insurance Explained

Learn more about which health insurance plan you should apply for and how and when to apply for it.

Accessing Health Care in Canada

There are resources and services on campus and in the local community to support your wellbeing.


U of A offers a program-based tuition model for international students.

International Students’ Association

The ISA is a Student Representative Association representing all undergraduate international students at the U of A.

Tiled flags

Experiential Learning

International Student Work Experience Program

The International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP) helps full-time undergraduate international students to find employment, develop their career skills and gain valuable work experience over the summer.

Working On/Off Campus

Learn more about the rules and regulations governing working in Canada as an international student.

Graduate Student Internship Program

Interdisciplinary work placements are available throughout the year to allow graduate students to strengthen their professional and transferable skills.


Campus + Community Recreation

Campus & Community Recreation has a wide variety of sports and leisure recreation programs available to all students, including international students.


In addition to the general orientation, the U of A offers a specialized international student orientation program.

International Student + Visitor Services (ISVS)

ISVS hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Join the fun and meet new friends. All U of A students are welcome! Check out upcoming events or subscribe to our newsletter and stay connected with what's happening.

International Clubs + Groups

Find student clubs, groups and organizations at the U of A on BearsDen.

Study Here

Attend U of A, one of the world’s top 100 universities, and choose from more than 200+ undergraduate and 500+ graduate programs.

Scholarships and Funding

The U of A awards $34M annually in scholarships, awards and financial support — recognizing scholastic achievers, community leaders, and well-rounded students across disciplines.