Medical Attention

Whether you have obvious physical injuries or not from a sexual assault, you are always able to seek medical assistance following the assault. Some survivors find this particularly useful immediately following the assault in order to be tested for possible sexually transmitted infections and, if applicable, pregnancy.

Seeking medical attention may prove useful if you decide to make a formal complaint or if you choose to file a police report — but does not mean that you must file a complaint or police report. Whether or not you file a complaint or police report is still your choice to make. If you are thinking about filing a police report, it's worth noting that there is no statute of limitations on reporting a sexual assault in Canada.

By visiting an Edmonton-area emergency room within 7 days of the assault, you should be able to access specialized assistance from a nursing member of the Alberta Health Services Sexual Assault Response Team. Care includes an assessment, physical examination, testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and (if applicable) pregnancy, giving medicine to prevent STIs and (if applicable) pregnancy, and referrals for counselling or other healthcare services.

Nearby locations for medical assistance:


Any Edmonton-area emergency room
Visit the Alberta Health Services Sexual Assault Response Team website for the most up to date details.

U of A Health Centre
2-200 Students’ Union Building, North Campus
*Note: Due to COVID-19, please call for assistance.

Sexually Transmitted Infections Clinic
Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre
11111 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton
*Note: Due to COVID-19, please call for assistance.


St. Mary’s Hospital
4607 3rd Street, Camrose

Nurse Navigator — Augustana Campus
L2-144 Forum Building

Emergency Contraception

If you believe you may require emergency contraception, know that any pharmacy should be able to assist you, including the U of A Health Centre Pharmacy.

University Health Centre Pharmacy
1-10 Students' Union Building