Associate Dean (FGSR Institutional Academic Regulations; Strategic Programming)

Dr. Micah True is a Professor of French and Folklore in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. He earned a PhD in Romance Studies from Duke University in North Carolina, along with his MA, and before that a BA in French and journalism from Gonzaga University in Washington State. He studies Jesuit mission reports from what is now Quebec and French theatre, in both cases focusing particularly on the seventeenth century. He joined the U of A in 2010 after teaching briefly at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Dr. True previously served a three-year term as Associate Chair (Graduate) of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, and as Acting Director of the Kule Center for Ukrainian and Canadian Folklore. He has spent much of his time in recent years helping develop and refine his department's new undergraduate and graduate programs, and also has experience leading its preparation for the periodic Quality Assurance review.

In his free time, Dr. True enjoys watching Gonzaga University basketball games with his two young daughters, reading campus novels, running, and cooking.

Responsibilities as Associate Dean

  • Policy and procedures for graduate education at the University of Alberta.
  • I provide advice, guidance, and support to graduate students, supervisors, and graduate student program administrators.
  • I represent the FGSR on various committees, working groups, search, selection and review committees across campus.

My advice to our graduate students:

  • Write a little bit every day instead of trying to write a lot all at once
  • Never forget that there's more to life than school/career
  • Make time to do things you enjoy
  • Address problems when they first arise, instead of letting them grow to be overwhelming

Home Department

Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts