Alberta Innovates Postdoctoral Recruitment Fellowships

The Alberta Innovates Recruitment Fellowships (AI RF) are to assist with the strategic recruitment of top postdoctoral fellows (“Trainees”), with health related work, to the University of Alberta and the province of Alberta.


$70,000 CAD per year for up to two years. Incoming postdoctoral fellow’s appointment must start between April 1, 2023 – December 1, 2023.

Top-Up: $15,000 - For Trainees in receipt of any other major comparable award (i.e. Killam, Notley, Tri-Council fellowships, etc.). The Stipend Incentive may be increased as necessary to ensure the combined value of the awards does not fall below $70,000 CAD per year.


The intent of the AI RF program is to bring outstanding candidates from outside the University of Alberta. There are no citizenship restrictions on this award. All Trainees must:

  • Have completed a PhD at the time of award implementation;
  • Be an incoming postdoctoral appointee to the University of Alberta. In the context of this competition, "incoming" means having an appointment start date no sooner than April 1, 2023;
    • Incoming applicants must be newly recruited from outside of the University of Alberta; applicants must not already hold, or have held, a postdoc position at the University of Alberta or be employed at the University of Alberta
    • Current University of Alberta postdoctoral fellows who plan to start another appointment at the University of Alberta as of April 1, 2023 are not eligible to apply
  • Not have applied more than once before for a postdoctoral fellowship from Alberta Innovates;
  • Proposed projects must:
    • Involve health-related R&I activities that are strongly aligned to at least one strategic priority;
    • Be performed at the University of Alberta; and
    • Be approved for funding by Alberta Innovates.
Refer to the Alberta Innovates PDF Guidelines and Handbook (TBA) for additional details.
Application Procedures

Prospective postdoctoral fellows should first contact a Faculty member in the Department to which they wish to apply, who is willing to act as a potential supervisor for the Fellowship. Once a supervisor has been confirmed, applicants must complete the Alberta Innovates Postdoctoral Fellowship Application form.

Potential postdoctoral fellows must submit their complete application (points 1-6 noted below) as one PDF via email to by Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 11:59 pm MDT/Edmonton Time. Three letters of reference (point 7 noted below) are also to be sent directly to FGSR by applicants referees by December 15. To avoid lost or emails sent to spam, applicants are to request Award Services to confirm receipt of their application upon email submission. Applicants who do not receive an email reply from confirming receipt of their application within 2-3 business days are responsible for following up with FGSR.

A complete application includes (refer to the Application form for detailed instructions):

1.      Alberta Innovates Postdoctoral Fellowship Application form
2.      Project proposal with statement on relevancy to AI priority areas (1 page maximum)
3.      Summary of career goals (1 page maximum)
4.      Applicant CV
5.      Supervisor statement of support (on institution letterhead and signed by the supervisor)
6.      Copy of results letter(s) from any competitions that the applicant has applied to previously for the same project (e.g., CIHR competition results)
7.      Three Letters of Reference. As these letters are confidential, they must be submitted directly by the referees via email to Letters submitted by the applicant will not be accepted:

- All letters of appraisal must be signed by the appraiser and be on institutional letterhead (electronic signatures are acceptable). They should contain a substantive evaluation of your ability and not be merely testimonials, as the fellowships are intended primarily for those who are seeking to establish themselves in their chosen field
- Only have three appraisals sent. Any additional letters will be removed prior to the competition
- Applicants are responsible for supplying their referees with the documents necessary for them to write their respective letters. 
- Applicants should contact their referees well in advance of the application deadline date. It is the applicant's responsibility to follow up with referees to ensure the assessments are submitted in sufficient time prior to FGSR’s deadline.
- Applicants are to instruct referees to request Award Services to confirm receipt of their letters upon email submission. FGSR will not follow up regarding missing reference letters.
The FGSR may leverage internal review processes for other competitions (e.g., Banting, Killam, tri-council) to triage applications for further consideration by AI for an AI Fellowship. Fellowship applicants identified in this way may be required to submit additional documents to assist in assessing relevancy to AI priorities.
Nomination Procedures
This is a direct application whereby potential postdoctoral fellow applicants are to submit their completed application directly to FGSR. Faculties/Departments are not required to review applications and submit eligible nominees to FGSR, but are to refer to the AI Postdoc Memo to Departments/Faculties for information of this competition year.
Adjudication Procedures
FGSR will review all applications for eligibility and completeness and forward them to the AI Postdoctoral Fellowships Committee for adjudication. The Committee will evaluate the applicants based on excellence and strategic alignment in the four Priority Areas: Priority 1) Digital & Data-Enabled (D&DE) Health Research; Priority 2: Advancing D&DE Tools and Methods; Priority 3: Health Technology Acceleration; Priority 4: Technology & Data-Enabled Health System Transformation.
Deadline and Timelines

December 15, 2022: Deadline for applicants to submit their complete application (points 1-6 noted above) as one PDF via email to The three letters of reference are also due at FGSR by applicants referees by December 15. To avoid lost/spammed emails, applicants are to request Award Services to confirm receipt of their application upon email submission. Applicants who do not receive an email reply from confirming receipt of their application within 2-3 business days are responsible for following up with FGSR.

December 16 – 23, 2022: applications will be reviewed for eligibility and completeness. Once the application is submitted to FGSR, no revisions will be permitted. Incomplete applications including those submitted with missing documents and missing signatures will be rejected. FGSR will not follow up regarding applications that are incomplete and the application will automatically be rejected.

January 3 – Mid February, 2023: Review and adjudication by Postdoctoral Fellowship Selection Committee members

Mid – End of February, 2023: Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee Final Selection Meeting

End of February – Beginning of March, 2023: Alberta Innovates to approve selected awardees

March 2023 – Results letters are sent to all applicants

April 1, 2023 – Incoming postdoctoral fellows appointment start date to be between April 1 – December 1, 2023