UAlberta North Research Funding

The University of Alberta Common Application form must be used to apply for both the  University of Alberta Northern Research Award (UANRA) and Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) grants. The UANRA has broader eligibility which includes a larger geographical area of the Alberta Provincial north and  International students.  If you are eligible to apply for NSTP you must also apply for UANRA funding.
For the UANRA: Submit the UofA Common Application only

For the NSTP grants: Submit the UofA Common Application & NSTP Online Application

Grants are meant to help offset the higher or additional cost of conducting research in northern and/or remote areas; the budget should reflect this.

Collaboration is encouraged for cost-efficiencies; members of research teams working on individual projects attached to a research program should coordinate multiple applications.

Applicants must obtain all necessary signatures and provide ethics statements, apply for research licenses and permits, and undertake all consultations with all relevant communities and organizations for the project.