About Our Applications

Alberta Research Information Services (ARISE)

ARISE provides a system for institutional research ethics management that enables the preparation, submission, review, and approval of online research ethics applications. The system helps UAlberta remain compliant from protocol creation to study completion, as well as through the post-approval monitoring of animal research activities. In addition, ARISE allows for ancillary and operational review and approvals from units such as Environmental Hazards, Animal Facilities, Research Services Office, NACTRC, Covenant Health and Capital Care.


Bear Tracks

Bear Tracks is a self service online hub that allows University constituents (instructors, students, staff, applicants, former students & guests) access to view and manage items related to their relationship with the University. Students can find and register for classes, as well as check grades, while staff can access tax forms and financial information. Use Bear Tracks to keep your personal contact information up to date.



Campus Solutions

Campus Solutions enables UAlberta to manage many aspects of academia and the student lifecycle. This includes, but is not limited to, admissions, advisement, enrolment, records, curriculum management, grading, graduation, undergraduate scholarships and awards, tuition and fee assessment/payment, and all verification and certification of the above-mentioned processes (e.g. taxation, transcripts, degrees, etc.)


Electronic Document & Records Management (EDRMS)

The Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) is a collection of services that provide users the ability to input and manage their documents and records, extract data from documents, and run business processes in a digital format. Through multiple technologies, EDRMS allows users to manage their documents from input to deletion, archive through scanning, image capture and data collection, run business processes and workflows, provide storage and access of records, and manage document retention.



Financials is an online portal that enables UAlberta to control and monitor costs, track operating and capital costs throughout the procurement cycle, perform revenue and customer collections management, track project costs, and produce operational and financial reports.


Graduate Studies Management Solution (GSMS)

The Graduate Studies Management Solution enables the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR), Faculties, and all graduate departments to manage the graduate admissions and awards processes. Applicants use the web e:vision portal to apply for admission to graduate programs and awards, interact with departments during the evaluation process, and track the status of these applications.


Human Capital Management (HCM)

Human Capital Management (HCM) is our human resources tool that enables UAlberta to plan workforce requirements, commence employment, manage employment activity, administer compensation and benefits programs, generate payroll, and produce operational and legislated reports.



SupplyNet enables UAlberta to provide an eProcurement marketplace including contracted Preferred Supplier catalogues through an eProcurement solution. This is integrated and interfaced with PeopleSoft Financials. Replacing eProcurement and Purchasing use in PeopleSoft Financials since FY 2018.


Slate / UAlberta Launchpad

Designed and developed exclusively to support higher education admissions processes, Slate, or UAlberta Launchpad, as it is known to our current and prospective undergraduate applicants, is UAlberta’s undergraduate admissions solution. UAlberta Launchpad is a sustainable and agile solution that offers a streamlined process, increased transparency, and improved access to information. UAlberta Launchpad enhances the applicant and staff experience and helps reduce the time to decision.